6 Ways to go from “Feeling Old” to “Feeling Great”

We all have our days. You know, the days we need to go from “feeling old” to FEELING GREAT!   These are the days when we rise, look in the mirror, and perhaps, feel much older than we actually are.  On those days we see only the wrinkles, dark circles,...

Today’s News for Women Over 50

Welcome... it is time for Today's News for Women over 50.  First off, isn't the idea of French macarons with morning coffee elegant?  Makes our donuts look pretty drab! Now, here are headlines just for you to go with whatever you are having for...

Would You Wear It with Pam and Jennifer

  Happy Saturday, ladies!  It is time for Would You Wear It with me and my friend, Jennifer Connolly.  We go out and about and look for fashion displays which make us wonder (for many reasons) what you would think of them.  So, please tell us what...

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Would You Wear It with Pam and Jennifer

Would You Wear It with Pam and Jennifer

Happy Saturday, everyone! It’s Would-You-Wear-It Saturday, and that is a reason to celebrate along with Valentine’s Day just a few days away, plus the groundhog has said spring will be here soon.   Today is the day my friend, Jennifer, and I find fashion...

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