Welcome Fall and Vibrant Colors

Finally, it is officially fall!  I think my love of this season has a lot to do with the fact my favorite colors are everywhere.  When I visited the Talbot's Red Hangar sale toward the end of the summer, my eye landed first on this sweater jacket.  At 65% off, it was...

Fashion Over 50: What I Found at the Museum

I mentioned HERE that I stopped by our McNay Art Institute last week to see a new exhibit.  I do enjoy each and every moment at the museum and I do recognize art is "in the eye of the beholder," however, I was experiencing some difficulty in connecting with the...

Fashion Over 50: Why I Wear White in Fall

I wasn't going to give an opinion on wearing white after Labor Day.  I didn't believe it was an issue any longer.  Until I ran into a woman last week, who, upon seeing my outfit, said.... Woman:  I applaud your courage to wear those white pants.  I just can't do...

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Fashion Over 50:  Meet Picadilly Fashions

Fashion Over 50: Meet Picadilly Fashions

I am happy to introduce you to a new brand today, Picadilly Fashions from Canada.  Well, they are not really new...in fact they've been a player in women's fashions for 40 years.  But, they are new to me and I like what I see. The garments I am wearing are excellent...

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Fashion Over 50: Style Sweet Spot for Autumn

Fashion Over 50: Style Sweet Spot for Autumn

I am in an autumn-state-of-mind, so I convinced my blogger friend, Jennifer, to join me today in bringing some fashion over 50 styles which hit the sweet spot!  My look includes a winning team of favorites...Eileen Fisher, Chicos, Nina Forrest Jewelry, and new Total...

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Importance of a Day to Unplug

Importance of a Day to Unplug

Today, I am taking a "Pam Day"... a day to unplug, unwind and dream of autumn, my very favorite season.  I believe it is critical from time to time...just for the sake of mental health...to step back and dedicate time to things we enjoy.   I was feeling the strain of...

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