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Just after my fiftieth birthday, I received a brutal wake-up call….my new driver’s license came in the mail! I looked at the woman in the picture and was shocked…she looked elderly, worn out, and downcast. She was overweight and wearing an over sized, man’s polo making her appear much larger. She had no makeup and frayed, gray hair. The picture communicated that she was tired and had given up on herself. On that day in 2003, I realized that I had given everyone in my life (my family and students) every drop of my time and put myself on the back burner. I had internalized criticisms given to me by family members over the years.  I began with vigorous determination to reinvent myself. The journey has led me to fun, joy, peace, confidence, and new directions…but is a continuous process.  Transformation and confidence are empowering and can be done...it just takes the big decision, and courage,  to do it!

Therefore, my mission with over50feeling40 is to inspire women over 50 to look and feel their best… to strive to be women of strength and dignity…and to enjoy every single day of life…one day at a time.

My Wake Up Call!!

And so do you!!

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  1. I can totally relate. I'm not proud of how I looked at my daughter's grad. I'd dress shopped but had no idea short sleeves would emphasize thickened arms in photos. In my photos I looked fatter than I felt and old and worn looking. I know why too, we had been preparing the house for sale, buying a new one, packing for the move and week long drive, buying a prom dress, and I was entertaining inlaws for the graduation. I had no time for me. I'm working with a diet coach but still finding it very hard to lose enough. Trying as you are to fight it all.

  2. Thank you for your fabulous blog. I found you only after I started my own blog but yours is still a source of inspiration to me on many levels.

  3. Thank you for such a cool blog. I just turned 59 on Monday, and I feel 70! After giving all of myself to raise my children and then end up divorced and alone at this age...I'm having a really hard time of it. I can SO relate to your driver's license story! I have get mine renewed this year...and I'm dreading it! Thanks for inspiring us. We aren't given that in the media or anywhere else! HUGS!!

  4. An amazing transformation!! You look amazing.

  5. I can totally relate to your mission statement.. well done.. indeed, we owe it to ourselves Pam.. I'm following you now too.. a bit about moi.?.. S E Asia and how giving back to a people can in turn benefit oneself,.. my fully escorted small group tours always include a specialist, an author, Pilates guru, artist, a person image maker/shopper.. www.thecapeclub.com - ps.. I've just had the big 60, but feel its more like the 50s now! There's not enough time in a day for all I need/want to achieve..

  6. Your mission statement is right on point, I'll be 59 in 4 weeks and I'm determined to let the rest of my life be as grand as I've made it for others. Since I wasn't sure where to start, I have just started right where I'm at and going forward. Thanks again for the insight.

  7. Do not fade, on the contrary we have to start.

  8. Glad to have found your blog on a blog roll. I so identified with your fifth birthday response. I had some health issues last year, couldn't do much of any thing and let myself slide downhill much too fast! I think this blog will encouraging for me. Look forward to more!

  9. I love your style and it makes me feel great, I totally feel that same way when I looked at my License lol

  10. Hi! i like this post as i uderstand you thoroughly . I am almost fifty ang just started writing blog about my late fotries style. You look wonderful, not omly feeling like forty but also just looking! Greetings from Poland

  11. Pam, thank you so much for including me in your Favorite Blog list! That is such an honor. Since I found you and your blog you have been a constant inspiration, so thank you!


  12. Yes you do matter, Pam! That last look is just fabulous on you. Thank you so much for including me in your list. I am honored.


  13. You are SO inspirational, Pam! I'm really enjoying getting to know you better through your talks with Jennifer & Susan.

    Dawn Lucy

  14. THANK YOU for putting ME on your LIST!I have been getting LOTS of LOOKS from this!
    My Blog is called THE VINTAGE CONTESSA if you want to use that.......instead of LA CONTESSA thats how I leave comments but either WORKS!!THANK YOU SO MUCH!I have SUBSCRIBED TO YOU!

  15. Wow! I love this blog! I will be 46 in June and your story is extremely inspirational to me! I love your attitude! Amazing!!!!!!

  16. I think it's time I set a mission statement. Way back when, I had five-year plans (Chairman Mao of my own life), and I actually accomplished a surprising number of the items on those lists. I let this slide over the years, as other things took priority. With the baby bird about to leave the nest, it's time to shake things up.

    I've said it before: when a woman changes her hair and her clothes, look out! Things are about to get interesting. I've been taking some baby steps, and soon, who knows? Clothing is transformational on the outside and gives us confidence, but it's the changes we make on the inside that really matter. To quote Marshall McLuhan, "The medium is the message."

  17. Thank you so much for putting me on your blog roll. I will return the favor as soon as I get mine reworked. Sadly my blog roll disappeared! You do such a great job on your blog!!


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