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About Pam

Pam Lutrell is a communications professional based in San Antonio, TX. She is currently a journalism educator in private education; a freelance writer; public speaker; a spokesperson; a public relations professional; and a blogger. Her journalism degree is from the University of Texas in Austin, TX.
Pam worked in the advertising/public relations industry from 1975- 1987, and then began her role as mother to three children. In 1997, she began to handle public relations for a new campaign to relocate their private school to forty acres in North San Antonio. In 2000, the school superintendent challenged Pam to begin a journalism department for their college preparatory high school. Since then, the thirty-two page monthly news magazine, The Revelation, has been recognized by professional journalists around the United States; and won three State Championships for the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools; seven Lone Star Awards from the Houston Press Club; twelve Quill & Scroll Gold Key Awards;Two Special Commendations from Governor Rick Perry; one George Washington Medal of Freedom from the Freedoms Foundation of Valley Forge; and one recognition for a program of excellence from the Association of Christian Schools International.  The journalism department grew to include the news magazine, a broadcast news team, an online publication, and a  yearbook.

Included in a special feature about age and fashion in Navabi, an online fashion
magazine from the UK, article published 2/2013
Since she began over50feeling40, she has been recognized  by the Independent Fashion Bloggers in Links a la mode; she was selected by KENS 5 as one of the nine Over 50 and Fascinating individuals in San Antonio; and was selected as a panel moderator for the 2012 Texas Style Council’s Blogger Conference. She also writes a version of over50feeling40 for the San Antonio Express News online. The blog has been selected as one of the 12 most readable blogs for women, and been highlighted on the Huffington Post twice. She is a member of the San Antonio Fashion and Beauty Bloggers, the San Antonio Fashion Alliance, and a columnist for Midlife Boulevard. In 2012, Pam has been invited to become an ambassador for Goodwill Industries and a Style Ambassador for Harper's Bazaar Magazine which she continues today.  

 As a new empty-nester, Pam is excited about re-entry into the professional world and seeking opportunities in any of the areas mentioned above. As represented by her work with establishing a thriving journalism program and presently a successful blog, Pam has the ability to make positive things happen with any venture she pursues.    She is known for combining a conversational, PR style of writing with the fundamentals of excellent journalism for a popular, enjoyable read.

On Feb. 3, 2015, director of Style Lush TV in San Antonio Texas wrote the following: "Note From the Style Director
Pam Lutrell is one of my favorite bloggers out there. Call me an optimist, Call me a humanist. Call me naive, but I truly believe that deep down inside, everyone is good. There are however, some people who have life figured out a bit better than others and when someone is truly special and running life on their A-game, you can feel it radiating out from them. It’s like a fiery heat in an air conditioned room. In some core part of your being, you feel special people (like Pam) brighten your day without even trying. Wisdom is a mystery. It’s a never ending cycle of thought, experience, mistakes, rewards. When someone is truly beautiful, they are so giving, supportive and strong at heart to others. Pam Lutrell is an extraordinary woman with an energy that is contagious.  Every time I get the chance to be in her presence, I’m inspired and of course, wishing I had more time to talk with her instead of rushing off to finish work. Her blog over 50 feeling 40  is intended for, well, people over 50, but I find myself going there all the time to gain gems of wisdom, feel a sense of community and detox from the pseudo personalities, idealized “life posts” and humble brags I’m bombarded with on modern social media. Her blog is for everyone. Her mission is for everyone. Young, advanced, Pam’s writing is something you will want to make a part of your life. -Burg

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  1. I'm thankful that this lady inspired my parents, and take note, my dad, to be more fashionable. I remember my dad putting all of his custom suits on the bed and excited to go to a cocktail party. Good times!


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