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Aug 13, 2017

Fashion Over 50: Summer Sunday Style Sweet Spot with Funky Style

Wow...this sun is really beating down on South Texas now with heat indexes reaching 111 all week...but I do have some friends who are determined to love what they wear despite the oppressive heat.  Meet Susan...a fun, dynamic woman who describes this look as her funky style....
Susan is not afraid to stand out in a room...in fact, prefers it and loves to rock her petite frame with prints and accessories which are bold and confident. She wore this on a day she was to attend an event where she wanted to be noticed and begin to develop some new business contacts.

Susan knows the importance of wearing clothing which fits her body well...fits, but is not too tight.

She also balances her "funky style" meaning she is confident, bold and fun; but not clownish and too over the stop.

She wants to be respected for her intelligence and that is why the balance is necessary.

I would call her style creative and fun, more than funky.  It is a style I love and believes hits the sweet spot.  I have selected some fun garments below for your consideration.

Do you like to wear funky pieces?  How do you keep it balanced?

Thank you so much for dropping by and as always....

Keep Smiling!


  1. Actually, I am wearing a long, vibrant-print dress today. I would never have thought to buy it, but I tried it on just to break out of my comfort zone. When I walked out of the dressing room with it on, another shopper complimented me. I was sold! ha ha But I do love the dress and was glad to try something new! Love the post about Susan!

    1. I have also purchased items because of reactions from other women in the dressing room area! Sounds like this is a dress you needed to have in your wardrobe. Thanks for commenting Beth!

  2. I love this funky style! Good for you Susan!

  3. Love Susan's tunic! She looks so stylish and put together!

    1. I agree Cathy...she is is a fun lady and her style reflects it!


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