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Jul 5, 2017

What to Wear for Errands...When It's Hot (Really Hot!)

I everyone...hope you had a wonderful holiday!  My desire for Tuesday was literally to do nothing!  I am a little fried from work and family and just wanted to sit still in the air conditioning...for I knew what was outside that door...really oppressive heat! But, Mr. B said...no...we are going to run errands.
So, I had to consider these factors when going out...the heat, looking nice for my husband, and comfort.  

I really like this cool, gauzy top I got last year at Soft Surroundings; however, I accidentally threw it in the dryer and shrunk the fabric.  So, for today, I wore it with a long knit tank...and it worked. I have three of the longer tanks and wear them often. These light tunics and kimonos are perfect for the high humid temps. 
The pants are my Crop Metro  Leggings in black denim.

A fun necklace (this one from Chicos) is just a nice touch to a simple, casual outfit.  So where did I end up on the fourth of July???

HOME DEPOT!!!  And the parking lot was packed!

It is one of Mr. B's homes away from home!  This guy even knew him when we walked in!

Now, here are some fun selections from Soft Surroundings which would help us to keep cool, causal and stylish this summer....

Keep Smiling!!


  1. You do look lovely! When it's hot and humid I usually wear something MUCH cooler and no jewelry.. well I'll have to rethink my shopping clothes and hair in our 95 degree weather

  2. IT IS SO HOT!!!! You put together a beautiful outfit to run your errands. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who shrinks things in the dryer!


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