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Jul 10, 2017

Fashion Over 50: Lunch With A Friend of This Blog

Some of you will remember my precious friend, GiGi.  She was the reason I began this blog in July 2010.  She encouraged me and has always been a special support system and inspiration.  My heart was broken when she moved away.
Last year, Gigi was diagnosed with breast cancer and has been through chemo, radiation, a double mastectomy, and is now in the final stages of treatment.  This is another reason I was so happy to see her...because, as you can tell, she looks fabulous!  So chic, stylish, and joyful.  It brought me such peace to know she is doing this well.  
We sat and talked non-stop for almost five hours!  Ate birthday treats...The restaurant staff was beginning to light the candles for evening and giving us those "time-to-go-girls" stares! But, she is a friend who gets me to my core...we have a special connection...always have...always will.
We both wore print and color...perfect for an afternoon of laughs!

My jacket is from a local boutique I love and is a line called Coconut.....

My necklace was a recent Chico's sale purchase.  I love it! 

Also, her fun sandals were a recent purchase at Marshalls.

It was hard to leave...not knowing when we will see each other again...but I was so thankful for this afternoon.  She sends a special hello to all of you who remember her regular appearances on the blog!

Do you consider lunch with a friend a special occasion?  What do you like to wear?  Since Gigi loves tunics, I selected some for you to consider below...and most are on sale!

Keep Smiling!



  1. She's as stylish as you! What a special occasion. I'd definitely dress things up a bit for lunch with a friend.

    1. That's a compliment to me...I would love to be as stylish as she is! Thanks Jennifer. We had a great time.

  2. Hi Pam, I remember Gigi! She is looking amazing and vibrant for someone who has been on such a tough road. Wow! I am so glad you got to spend an afternoon with her. Happy Birthday to you, I know July is your month! I wish Gigi all the best and hope you can have another visit with her soon. xx

    1. She is gorgeous and I was really encouraged by her...thanks so much Jill. I hope all is well your way!

  3. Both of you ladies are lovely inside and out! I love July sales as well. Just purchased a new smaller Coach bag for half price. This made my day. Soma has fantastic deals as well. Thank you for your time and love writing this blog.

    1. Thank you, Rajean, for such a wonderful comment! I really appreciate you being here.

  4. Thanks for sharing your fashion and life sense!


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