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Jun 1, 2017

June's Monthly Style Tip for Women Over 50

It's the first Friday and time for the June Monthly Style Tip for Women Over 50!  This is the time of year I am always singing one song, The Heat is On!
My June tip is all about how to stretch your wardrobe and turn old pieces into new looks.  I purchased this soft, breezy Eileen Fisher tunic when I traveled to Chicago years ago.  I love it and it is great for the warmer weather.  But, I was a little tired of always wearing the same accessories with it and decided to mix things up a bit....
It was really the beading on the arms and neckline which inspired my change up....I already had this beaded necklace.  It was at the bottom of a hat box where I keep old necklaces.  However, the Michael Kors beaded slides were on sale recently at Dillards for $29 ( a perk for a regular customer) and a perfect match.  Thus, I had a whole new look for only $29!

My tip is to look closely at your garments.  Look at the detailing and perhaps you will be inspired as I was to mix things up and create a new look for less.  I had some comment on this tunic who thought it was brand new, but did not realize they had seen it on me before.  They liked the new accessories.

Has anyone else done this recently...please share if you have!

Happy June!

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  1. That's a great tip Pam! And I love those beaded slides. You aren't kidding about the rain! I see the flooding behind you:)

    1. We needed the rain, but it has been hard on taking pictures!

  2. I love the idea of re-working old pieces. It's such a pleasure to be able to incorporate a favorite top or skirt in a new way. I have some wardrobe pieces that I just can't part with and it's so good to know that I can wear them again in a different way!


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