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Apr 27, 2017

Fashion over 50: Love My Pencil Skirts

Warmer weather is here to stay in South Texas, so this over 50 fashion lover is ready to mix things up a bit.  One way is to take some of the tunics I have worn with pants and now wear them with my pencil skirts.

I am a huge fan of pencil skirts.

I own knit pencil skirts in black, gray, red, olive, and denim. Most of them are from JJill.

I find them to flatter any size of woman and to be very comfortable and easy.

And my legs stay cool!  Yes, I need some self tanner, but I will wear the pencil skirts often to work this summer.

One of my favorite summer necklaces and I made it!  I found the green coral in a garage sale a few years ago for fifty centers.  I added a sea shell from one of our Texas beaches...we had been there for a family vacation.  So with my husbands drill...I made a necklace.  Pretty good for fifty cents.
Another fun Marshalls Surprise!  My Kate Spade purse was a discovery a couple of years ago!  

In need of pencil skirts?  Just look here and see what you think...they really are magic with how they will flatter a look!

Keep Smiling!


  1. I'm a huge fan of pencil skirts!!
    In fact, when my step mom (the 60's model on my blog) and I went shopping last year--I had her buy one. She didn't think they'd look good on her figure, but she tells me all the time now---that she's so glad she bought it!!

  2. love the tunic with the pencil skirt---I recently got my first and am learning how to style it---thanks for the inspiration!


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