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Apr 17, 2017

Fashion Over 50: Artisan, Boho, Ethinic...Perfect FIesta!

FIESTA in San Antonio does have it's royalty, but while many of us only dream of wearing this
The rest of us are dressing for festivals, dances, banquets, fashion shows, parties, parades, picnics, and special evenings.  Most of the events I attend are pretty causal or happen during the work day.  Traditionally, this is the time San Antonio ladies wear their brightest colors and/or most unique artisan fashions.  Anything goes for accessories.  To start our week off, I am wearing head to toe Soft Surroundings, where a blend of the prettiest ethnic designs can be found.
Comfort is key during Fiesta...you will do a lot of walking and standing at most of these events.  Most are packed with attendees to maneuver around. My tunic is worn a top the denim Metro Leggings...I know, I wear them often...very comfy and only available at Soft Surroundings.   I bought this colorful bag there last year and it is imperative to have a large one in order to carry all the unique discoveries offered by the Fiesta vendors.  

I cannot say enough about these leather flats...and there are other amazing shoes like this in this little slide show below:

I also bought this bracelet last year at Soft Surroundings...do not forget their great jewelry.
This is the time we decorate our homes with Fiesta wreaths and even set festive tables:
Yeah...we are just a little proud!!

Viva Fiesta!

For artisan, ethnic styles, check out Soft Surroundings....


Disclaimer:  I was gifted the top and shoes for the post, but the words are my own.  


  1. Gorgeous, festive accessories Pam! I think we all deserve to wear the crown, eh? Thanks for linking, xox

    1. Yes! I agree, Patti...we all deserve to wear the crown!

  2. A perfect outfit! It looks like such a fun event, I love the colors costumes. So festive!

    1. It is a full two weeks full of events and kind of an explosion of color everywhere!

  3. So so so stunning. I'm an explosion of color all the time :-) and I do love me some Soft Surroundings as well. <3

  4. Very cute outfit! Tell me about the shoes. Does your regular size fit?

    1. Yes they do...fits true to my regular size.

  5. Wow, love the bright accessories and those shoes are so fab! Perfect styling for the fiesta!
    thanks for linking
    jess xx


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