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Apr 25, 2017

Classy and Chic Fashion Over 50 Inspiration...In A Surprising Place

Yesterday, we discussed the importance of mothers who teach children to look their best when they leave the house.  This young lady's mother must have done it right.  She works in my office and always looks so chic and stylish at her 23 years of age!  Her wardrobe says she is strong and intelligent...exactly right since she began her own business last year and is doing very well with it.

Britney has inspired me before, but I really love this outfit the most.  Her beautiful, knit tie-in-the-front olive pants are gorgeous.  She found them at express.

I love the simple styling with the knit tank, jacket and tan wedges.  The relaxed jacket has a curved hemline with pockets.

It is rare that one so young inspires what I want to wear, but I would love to put together something similar.  So now I am in search for similar pants...at a store which fits my size!

Where have your gained inspiration lately?


  1. I think it's fabulous when we can look at all ages to get inspiration!
    Hopefully the youngsters think the same about us...:)

    1. Sometimes I am surprised by where I find inspiration, Jodie. But the minute I saw her in this, she had my attention!

  2. I am in AWE of young people who have such a strong, confident fashion sense. Clearly, for some it is a gene or strong environmental influence (both lacking in my family!) So, I agree, sit back, admire, and draw inspiration from such talent, regardless of their age!

    1. She is very inspirational and a great role model for others!


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