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Mar 31, 2017

April Monthly Style Tip for Fashion Over 50

I am usually here on the first Friday of the month with a monthly style tip for women over 50.  I know today is the last Friday of the month of March, but if I wait a week for the first Friday...we are already a week into April.  So let's have fun now!
In case you are a long time reader of this blog, then you are not seeing a mistake...this is me wearing polka dots and loving it.  I have said several times I do not wear polka dots because they make me feel older.  Well, obviously I had just not found the right polka dot!  No one is paying me to try them out...I took this plunge on my own.
I loved the structure of this jacket; the pockets; the fun, creative, springtime vibe; and I always like a collared look.  It works perfect for several occasions...including work.  I feel younger in it...not older.  I actually wear it with another top button unbuttoned and like that openness better...do not know why I did not do that for these pictures. 

So my monthly style tip is to try things on before condemning them.  I almost walked by this jacket, but it was the structure and fabric which convinced me to try it on.  There are many trends in spring I have walked by in the past: lace, pastel colors, sleeveless garments...and now that polka dots have me, I am going to be more open to trying on the others when something catches my 

Second tip?  That is a bright pink on my nails.  I usually  do  not wear it that vibrant...but also decided to go for something new.  It has been fun to wear.  Here is how Texas dresses in the spring,,,

Is there any type of warmer weather garment you hated in the past but may be open to changing your mind about?  Care to share?

The jacket I am wearing is with others from Chico's in the pictures below!  You will see the comments are good on this one...others like it as much as I do. 

Happy Weekend!


  1. Very cute, Pam. I love polka dots - they're just so happy. Your jacket looks very comfortable too, and is something you could style in a number of ways.
    Happy Spring!

    1. The jacket makes me feel happy, Judy ...so I see why you would say that about polka dots. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I adore anything polka dot! This looks so great on you Pam. Way to go out of your comfort zone!

    1. Glad I did...I can be a little stubborn at times! But, this one worked where other designs did not. Thanks Jennifer

  3. Like you, Pam, I have never been a fan of polka dots, but this jacket is a WOW!


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