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Feb 4, 2017

Fashion Over 50: A Word About Fit for Jackets

The week went so fast...now it is February and the groundhog said there would be six more weeks of winter!  Jackets are garments I tend to wear all year long, and this week, I showed you jacket options for winter and spring.  Here is what I learned from What Not to Wear about how to fit a jacket:

I wore this jacket HERE, and want to show how it follows two of the rules from the show:

1. Jackets should button in the front for a great fit...you don't always have to wear it buttoned, but great fit should allow it to be buttoned.
2.  A flattering fit includes seams and lines to fit your body shape and NOT be too boxy.

This Chadwicks of Boston jacket, from THIS POST, meets these two rules:

1.  Jackets should fit your shoulder and the sleeve seam hit right at your shoulder.
2.  A flattering fit, hits the bottom of the hip and top of the thigh.

It helps me to remember what I learned from Stacy and Clinton, and I hope it helps you as well!

I love jackets for work and casual wear.  Tomorrow is the final day in our month of discussing 2017 Fashion Trends on Hit Your Style Sweet Spot.  Hope to see you then!

Happy Saturday, everyone!


  1. Gosh, I loved that show Pam!! It really did teach great points!
    Both of your jackets are fabulous!! The longer, brown one really looks great!!

  2. A good jacket is such an indispensable item in my wardrobe. I love that longer jacket on you especially, the fit is perfect!


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