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Jan 20, 2017

Fashion Over 50 Style Tip: How I Wear My Faux Leather Leggings

I love these leggings.  I bought them last year at Soft Surroundings and the minute the weather turned cold this year, I pulled them on!  They are a great leather-like pant and very comfortable.  AND, now they are on sale in the Soft Surroundings boutique.  Just click on picture of the model in the pants and you can go there...you can pick them up for very little and much less than I paid for them!  It is a great deal. 

I wear them many different ways.  This look includes:

A turtleneck by Soft Surroundings
A cashmere wrap and necklace from CHICOS
Liz Claiborne Boots from MARSHALLS

One of my favorite ways is to wear them with a flowy, soft tunic and my leather ballet flats.  I am so glad I had the courage to wear them in the first place...as I said...they are a favorite!

Now, just for fun, here is another look my co-worker Cindy put together this week.  So many of you enjoyed Cindy in THIS POST, I decided to bring her back!
Happy, happy Friday!!


  1. Pam, I love your style! I have to try those leggings! You & Cindy look so pretty! I love the fashion here. ~ Betty L

    1. Thank you, Betty. You are so kind. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I have a pair like these Pam---and don't they just make you feel so modern & fun??

    1. Yes, they do Jodie. I love to wear them. I am always sad that our South Texas cold weather is not here long.

  3. Those are gorgeous!! You look great.

    1. Thanks Rena! I love these leggings and I am so happy to share them on sale for you! Always love to see your name pop up!


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