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Jan 17, 2017

Fashion Over 50: Jacket Magic

I love jackets.  Even over age 50, you will find me wearing a jacket during and off work...I love them with denim and skirts.  The real reason I love jackets is because they are a great way to take off 10 pounds...a well made and fit jacket is pure magic to your figure.

I have learned by experience the perfect jacket for me has seaming and is not boxy; it has length (I tend to wear more of the boyfriend style jacket); it fits on the shoulders; and can be worn often.  Despite the warm climate I am in, I wear jackets all year round and when I need a boost of confidence, I always put on a jacket.

I selected some at different price points for your consideration.
How do you feel about jackets?

Keep Smiling!


  1. I LOVE jackets. I have a huge bin Of them I can no longer use because I went up a size. But I'm hanging onto them in case I lose some weight.

  2. I feel as though this post is written just for me. I was going somewhere recently and a friend said: just wear a classic blazer and…
    She lost me at classic blazer I own no Blazers :-) she was horrified…


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