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Jun 21, 2017

Linen: The Most Controversial Fabric

Linen is by far the most controversial fabric around, but is one of the ways I manage summer heat.  I have learned for linen garments it is worth spending a little more...because then they wrinkle a lot less!  This is an Eileen Fisher kimono and I love it!

It is very cool in summer heat...and the olive green is one of my favorite colors, I can wear all year long.

This look with my ballet flats, and IC Collection pants is one I will wear often over the next few months.  I like the "oriental" style. 

The necklace is one I found years ago at Chicos and is a perfect completer piece.

But, back to the original comment...I have so many friends who will not wear linen at all.  I struggled with it for years, until I finally decided to buy one garment which cost more than the others.  I actually sat, up and down, and scrunched it up to see how bad the wrinkling was.   It worked, because this garment is "Pam-style" and ultimately my cost per wear will be very low!

So, how do you feel about linen??  

I have some selections for you to consider below including this jacket. 

Keep Smiling, Everyone!

Jun 19, 2017

Fashion Over 50: Time to Lighten Up!

It is time to lighten up...my style and my attitude toward summer! I am born and raised Texan and still not a fan of the heat.  However, I know many people who love it...moved here for it...and prefer the heat to anything else.  I thought about them last Saturday as I sat at a backyard picnic with sweat running down my back...and I even dressed with light fabrics because the forecast was for a heat index of 105.

Readers know I traditionally dress in saturated colors like this and that I love to wear black!

Just to be different...I am attempting this summer to lighten up more.

Today, I selected my light gray Eileen Fisher pants, a white tunic, and added some "summer" colors in accessories.  I liked it and this is something I can do often.  I am not a fan of pastels (for me), but lighter neutrals with purposeful accessories is something I can do.

I actually grabbed this scarf recently while walking through Chicos...everything is 40% off  at the moment.


Two of my goals right now are to lighten up a bit more this year and to make friends with summer.  I am a July lady, after all, so I should find a way to like it,  

How do you lighten up your style in the summertime....

Here are some similar selections for your consideration...

Despite the sweat...Keep Smiling!


Jun 18, 2017

Fashion Over 50: Summer Sunday Style Sweet Spot with Shorts

Welcome to our second Summer Sunday Style Sweet Spot (wow, that is a lot of the letter s!)  I want to thank everyone for the feedback and encouragement to continue this feature!  It is a way to say here is a great outfit and look of the week for summer...which officially begins late Tuesday!
Meet my sorority sister, Kathleen.  We re-connected recently at our reunion.  She is showing us a great way to wear shorts over 50.  This weekend we already hit a heat index well over 100 degrees...so it looks like it is going to be one of those long, hard, oppressive summers.  A walking short is the perfect way to do a confident, stylish, figure flattering short.  She chose a floral top to compliment and black leather sandals to accessorize.

I often see professional women pulling off walking shorts with suit jackets over the summer...this garment works for many occasions.

I asked Kathleen where she found these beautiful blue shorts and she said Stein Mart.

Since I need to shop for a pair of walking shorts myself, I put together these selections for you below!  There are lots of different designs and we all need to find what is best for our own body types, but they look great just about everyone!  I am glad to be inspired by Kathleen and know she is hitting the summer style sweet spot right here!  She looks cool, calm and confident.

How do you feel about wearing shorts in the summer?  Are you in or out?

Keep Smiling, Everyone!


Jun 17, 2017

Taking Time Out to Honor Pappa Joe

I know it is a day early, but I wanted to take today and pay tribute to my husband...father of three and grandfather of three!
He is a gentle warrior...a strong, loving man who guides, supports, and gives time to each and every one of them.  Our daughter lovingly titled him "Pappa Joe" when she was in high school and it has become his grandfather name...except our grandsons have shortened it to just JOE...which we think is pretty funny!
I am watching my oldest son become the same kind of father and I know it is because he had a wonderful role model.  So I wish he and my husband a Father's Day full of blessings.  I am proud of both of them.  We are also both proud of our son-in-law...the father of our grandsons!  Our grandchildren are in great hands.

Happy Father's Day to All!

Jun 16, 2017

Friday Thoughts: Workouts, Facial Products, and Over 50 Fashion

Thank goodness it is Friday!  It has been a very busy month which interrupted my workouts, so I returned to strength training this week and feel sore...but better.  What is so important is to go back even if you have to stop for a while.

I mentioned three of my favorite facial products to my sorority last weekend, so here are the links, ladies, to the ones mentioned specifically....


Also, several of you asked where Linda found her tunic from MONDAY"S POST.  She said she has owned it for five years and it is a FOXCROFT COLLECTION Tunic.  They have some great tunics on their website here and sell at many retailers.  I also own a FOXCROFT tunic which I love and wear often.

Finally, didn't over-70 Sally Field look amazing at the Tony Awards?  She is inspirational. One of the best looks on the Red Carpet last week. 

Now it's time to shop for Father's Day!!

Happy Friday and Keep Smiling!

Jun 14, 2017

Fashion Over 50: Outrageous, Boring, or Something Else?

Do you consider yourself bold and outrageous?  I read this week about one 76 -year -old woman who had a goal to do something outrageous every week. She did not want her life to be boring and predictable.

I tend to be more on the predictable side.  For example, I love neutrals…like you see on me here and some might say that is boring.   I do wear color, but I really LOVE neutrals and believe them to be strong and chic.  I also do all I can to protect my schedule.  I go to bed and rise at pretty much the same time every day…and I get grumpy when I don’t.  I know that might be a little boring as well…I consider it healthy.

So, I began to ponder being bolder and outrageous and what that would mean in my life right now.  I do not have an answer for you…and I am NOT going to jump out of an airplane (unless someone pushes me!).  What would it mean for you?  How outrageous have you been lately?

About, today’s outfit.  I agree that I might have been a little repetitive lately in my choice of pants.  So, for this day I reached into my closet to take out a pair of older Eileen Fisher slate gray pants I haven’t worn in a while.  I love these pants and they are very cool in the warmer weather.  I also love this necklace with them. I think most of us put silver jewelry with gray, but I like that this necklace demands gold go with it.  (Is that being bold?)  I think there are more choices in the fashion world than just outrageous and boring.  Thank goodness that is the case.

Since I am loving my peep toe wedges, I selected some fun peep toe options for you below….and there are a few on sale.  Nothing outrageous…but some beautiful shoes.

Maybe I will really mix my life up and order a new food today at lunch…it’s a start!

Keep Smiling, Everyone!

Jun 13, 2017

Avoiding Reunions...What I Learned

I sat in this room alone for a few moments on Saturday and pondered why it took me so long to return.  Over forty years ago, I lived in the sorority house and even held an office (Song Leader…which was tons of fun).  But, college was emotionally hard for me mostly due to my family and upbringing and it tainted my decision making. 
Oh, I know most of us have times in college we regret.  But, at the same time I was active in my sorority, I was also making many poor decisions for my life.  Now, I thought my sorority sisters were well aware that I was a mess.  So, out of embarrassment and a little shame, I have stayed away from them for all these years.  It was too difficult to go back.

They have had reunions and developed long time friendships over the past 40 years, and I missed out…because I was stupid.  When I arrived at my sorority reunion, these ladies threw their arms around me and showed genuine love and excitement that I was there.  They only remembered the good times and had chosen to forget the bad….or they were not even aware of all my struggles at the time I was going through them.

So, now my only regret is that I did not reach back sooner than now.  I will enjoy getting together with them from this time forward.  This is the damage of regrets and shame…it can rob us of joy in the present.  If anyone is struggling with some of these same issues with returning to your past, I encourage you to return and face your fears head on.  I think many avoid any type of reunion from embarrassment of past decisions or current ones. You might discover as I did that the only person who is judging you is you. 

Here is what I want to say to my sorority sisters...thank you for your kindness and acceptance.  When I left college, my personal goals were to obtain

The strength and charisma of  Marlene
The joy and giggles of Sheree
The sparkly eyes of Marilu
The faith of Diane
The intelligence of Carol Bru
The stature of Carol Bea
The sweet spirit of my little sister Vicki
The loyalty of Karen C

I believe now I have gained these qualities in my life...so thank you for the inspiration.  Currently, all I desire is the career of Karen T...but I suppose I will suffice to live vicariously through her!

Now, to the talk I was able to do for some of them.  They were precious and listened with interest and I truly hope I encouraged them to look and feel their best from this day forward.  I could tell there were a few who are putting themselves at the bottom of their own priority list…I hope they do something special for themselves this week.  

Here is what I looked like during that time….oh my have things changed!!  But, I still think this is the best time of my life...the one I am living right now!

Has anyone else avoided people in your past because you were embarrassed by your actions at the time or even now?  Care to share?

Keep Smiling, Everyone!

Jun 11, 2017

Fashion Over 50: Summer Sunday Style Sweet Spot with Tunics

Hello everyone! I know many of you are accustomed to finding the Style Sweet Spot collaboration I have been doing with Jennifer Connolly.  She is on the road and not certain what her plans are for the remainder of the summer...so we will re-evaluate our collaboration later.  For now, I am beginning a new series each Sunday called Summer Sunday Style Sweet Spot, which will feature a look each week either on me or a friend I really like and believe hits that sweet spot.  I will explain why I like it and possibly how you can make it work for you.  Would love your comments and suggestions!  So I am pleased to feature a friend and local business owner, Linda for our first Summer Sunday Style Sweet Spot look....
I met Linda for lunch recently and she arrived in this fabulous outfit which was perfect for lunching with the girls.  She received so much encouragement from us that she has decided to wear this look for a special event with her boyfriend.
First off, I loved the metallic slate gray color of the tunic with these floral tights...which is a bold statement for women over 50...but super fun, don't you think?  In order to pull this off, I would suggest you remember:

1.  Your tunic needs to be long and cover all of the "proper" areas to cover.  
2.  This would work with a short dress also.
3.  Linda's tunic is structured and fits really well.  The shoulder seams hit her shoulders' ends and the collared shirt which buttons down the front is very flattering and chic.  It would not look as good with a boxy, over-sized tunic.
4.  This is a more casual look and probably not appropriate in most offices.
5. No matter where you wear a long tunic with tights, make certain they are thicker and not too thin.  But I do love her floral pattern.
She complimented the look with silver jewelry which is styled just right. And she made it a summer style with a peep toe shoe and beautiful red toenails.  Loved it.  This hits the style sweet spot for me!

What about you?  Let us know and then remember to...

Keep Smiling All!


I have selected some similar items for your consideration below....

Jun 8, 2017

Why I Am Thinking About Age

There are several reasons why aging has been on my mind lately.  But, the main reason is I am about to leave for my alma mater, The University of Texas at Austin.
Feeling a bit weathered from stress lately, I am headed to be one of the speakers at my sorority reunion, and, despite the stress, the show must go on.  I have not seen most of my sorority sisters for 41 years! Yikes...just writing those words makes me feel really old!  I was NOT in any way the picture of fashion in college...overalls and pigtails if you can believe that!  Some of them were most likely shocked to see my name on the agenda with a talk about how to look and feel your best.
So, here I come with my message of reinvention, positivity, joy, and hope for those who are letting the other side of 50 get them shut down.  I will let you know how it goes and I will return to blogging hopefully Sunday afternoon or Monday!

Any advice on what you would want to hear??

Have A Fabulous Weekend, Everyone!

Jun 6, 2017

Fashion Over 50: Keeping It Real about the Age Factor

Now, we are going from discussing "real women," to keeping it real when we face new signs of aging.  Don't you wonder what my granddaughter and her cat are thinking?  Perhaps this is just a wonderful innocent moment of desiring to experience the world (or backyard). Do you ever wish you were back there starting over?
I honestly am happy where I am.  When women over fifty dress or try to look as if they are twenty, I do not get it. For me, trying to look too young has backfired and actually makes me look older.  So I am fine with looking my best at age 63...not trying to be over 50 feeling 20...that is not realistic.
I would rather focus on fun accessories to pump up a look, than lament over my curvy body....funky hammer toes...torn ear lobes...and wrinkled mouth!  All of those issues are my reality, but easy for me to handle.  The phrases anti-aging and ageless fashion are not reality.  We age!  Looking and feeling our best takes on different meanings for different women.  We all have to set our own priorities with the budget we desire to spend to look and feel our best.  But, I know if I am trying to wipe out aging, it is a battle I will lose.
For now, I am going to spend money on hair color, great skincare products, and clothing.  But, I am not going to spend it on botox.  There are some other things I would do if I had the money, but my reality is that I have to be frugal.  However, when a friend says they are doing a procedure, I tell them that is awesome and I hope it brings the results they desire.  

My over 60 friend, Cindy, can rock heels like anyone and loves to wear them every day.  But, my reality dictates flats to care for feet with many issues....

I am not going to get depressed as I age about the realities...just deal with them, strive to look my best and have fun...one day at a time!  We spend most of our youth desiring to look older, and most of our mature years desiring to look younger.  Acceptance is much less stressful and costs less!

Are you struggling with aging or finding ways to enjoy it?  Please share your thoughts!

Then Keep Smiling!


About the outfit:  I love the Soft Surroundings Metro Leggings in blue denim. I have the long and the cropped version below. They always make me feel good about my look. The necklace was a consignment shop treasure.   Most of the other pieces are old ones, but I selected some similar styles for you below...Enjoy!

Jun 5, 2017

Women Over 50: I Ask You, What Is A Real Woman?

I have to smile when I hear a brand is going to do a campaign for real women.  Aren't we all real women?  I have also seen campaigns for the "everyday" woman...not sure what they mean with that one either.

I suppose they mean the advertising will include women who are not professional models.

But, if those women have the body types or complexions of most models or have business managers to further their careers...is it not the same?

I think this is why blogs have gained in popularity,  Women over 50 do seem to prefer to see clothing on women who are not professional models and leading lives similar to their own.  Blogs do give that variety.

A reader can find all sizes, age ranges, and tastes with women of a certain age on blogs.

But, I do want to acknowledge there have been brands who have had the courage to walk away from the "perfect" and portray the "authentic" woman and have done it well.  We applaud those of you who have.

So, I ask you today...what does it mean to you when a brand says they are using real women in their campaigns.  What do you expect to see?  What do you hope to see in such campaigns?

About this outfit.....


The jacket and pants are Eileen Fisher and the leopard ballet flats are Sam Edelman.  There are similar choices in these brands below and as always....

Keep Smiling!!

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