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Dec 30, 2016

Career Wear Over 50 for the Casual Days

Many people call this week, limbo week simply because so many take vacation in between Christmas and New Year's.  It was so quiet, I could get away with more casual styles all week long.  

A simple neutral outfit like this can be jazzed up with accessories.  My scarf and cardigan are old ones from MARSHALLS (a great place to find quality scarves) and my necklace is from CHICOS.

I have had these brogues for about three years and they are from HOTTER.COM.

You know I love my neutrals.  Another look from this week included a cashmere poncho from CATHERINE ROBINSON CASHMERE, my SOFT SURROUNDINGS DENIM METRO LEGGINGS, and my COLE HAAN bronze ballet flats from Dillards.  The necklace is a gift and came from NORDSTROM.

Next week, I will pump things back up again for a more professional look.  Tuesday begins with meetings!

Anyone have exciting plans for New Year's Eve??

Happy New Year!

Dec 29, 2016

Reflections from 2016: Part 2 with Fashion Over 50

I worked with some incredible brands in 2016 with fashion for women over 50, and the first one really took me out of my comfort zone in good ways.

The talented, creative boutique designers featured by ARTFUL HOME are very unique and put a personal stamp on any woman's style. If you like wearable art...this is the place to shop.

I have worn CHICOS for almost 30 years, but this was my first year to join their blogging team.  Love the style, the looks, the ease, the prices, the fun!

Another favorite brand of mine is JJILL and this was my first year to work for them throughout the year.  They offer pieces which build  a cohesive wardrobe and make it easy for many women over 50.

I have also been a fan of the beautiful, soft styles of SOFT SURROUNDINGS for years, and was honored to represent them this year in beauty, fashion, and accessories!
This past year, I was introduced to two brands which impressed me so much with the quality and price!  CHADWICKS OF BOSTON and METROSTYLE bring affordable fashion our way.  I have really enjoyed this association and how it has enhanced my work wardrobe.
While there were many other brands I represented, these were all brands who returned to me throughout the year...because of you! Thank you for supporting them.  I truly bring to you clothing and products I believe will help you feel your confident best!  Here are a couple of accessory brands I have enjoyed sharing with you often:
ROCKPORT'S TOTAL MOTION footwear is the most stylish comfort line I have tried...they made my feet very happy...all year long.
I also was thrilled to support and meet local jewelry designer, SUSAN BUTLER.  She blows her own glass and makes stunning pieces. 

While I worked with many different brands, these were retailers who returned to me throughout the year in order to bring you their latest styles.  I believe what this blog brings to you is wearable fashion perfect for the different lifestyles women over 50 lead. 

Now...drumroll, please...my favorite new happening in my blog life from this past year were my collaborations and growing friendship with fellow blogger Jennifer Connolly of A WELL STYLED LIFE.  She has become a dear friend and we talk almost every day, and our features of Hit Your Style Sweet Spot and the Monthly Style Tip continue to meet the needs of many women over 50 seeking ideas and advice for their wardrobes.  We have more plans together for 2017 and we hope you will come along.

Of course, I completely reinvented my career in 2016 and became an editor for two magazines.  More about that later...

It was a great year and I am excited to see what discoveries await in 2017.  

Hope your New Year is full of Joy!

Dec 28, 2016

Reflections from 2016: Part I

2016 was such a significant year for me and for my family!  We added a granddaughter, and saw our two young grandsons move from Saipan back to Texas! My husband graduated with his MBA after returning to school later in life! All three of our children are healthy and striving along with two wonderful spouses.  Now, I know this is sounding a bit like on of those letters you receive from family each holiday with the headlines from the past year...but, you know...  after seven years,my blog readers have become my family.  Therefore, I am excited to share with you some of the highlights in my own career from 2016 in two installments!
I selected one word to see me through the year, rather than set specific resolutions.  My word was PERSEVERANCE!  I knew it would require much perseverance as I continued my journey into a career reinvention.  Freelance writing and more blogging took me through the beginning of 2016.

I continued to report on trends and local runway shows to bring readers the new and the re-designed ideas in fashion.  Attending a runway show is as satisfying to me as a new exhibit at our art galleries.  I love the surge of creativity and ideas which appear on the scene.

Also, 2016 brought Eileen Fisher shows to our local Dillards...a coupe for San Antonio!

I also brought readers the latest tips in beauty and makeup.  There were some new and wonderful products introduced this year specifically for women 50+ and it has been exciting to see more brands target and service specifically US!
I brought you many products but these were some of my favorites.  Click on the pictures to go to their links.

Look for Part 2 to see the looks and brands I enjoyed working with for the first time in 2016!  Also, I will include my favorite milestone from the year!

What are your favorite reflections from this past year??

Keep Smiling!

Dec 27, 2016

Back to Work and the Favorite Gift for the Kids!

The past four days have been a whirlwind of family, celebrations, gifts, eating, and eating and eating. I really miss my 16 years in education right now, because the two weeks off was wonderful.  However, I am honored to be working in magazine publishing and headed back to work today.
This way I can ignore the messy house!  The biggest hit of the season was a remote control, really big flying fish!  My son-in-law found it for his young sons!
 And it put a huge smile on this little one's face!

Today, I am expressing gratitude for all of the new brands I have worked with this past year!  Such an honor to have brought you products from
BALSAM HILL  (tree and ornaments)
PURPLE POPPY  (Unique sweater tunic)
CHICOS (Juliet Pants and Necklace)
I will share more with you this week! But, all of these are great for Women over 50 and all have huge sales in progress!

For now, it is back to deadlines!  Would anyone like to share their favorite gift to give or receive last weekend?  Can you top a huge flying fish??

Happy Tuesday (Which feels like Monday)!

Dec 22, 2016

3 Reasons Why I Will See You Next Week

Three little sweethearts...I will be blessed to have all three grandchildren with me this weekend...it will be a full house...and I cannot wait.

I will see you next week!  For those who celebrate Christ's birth, May You Have a Joyous and Blessed Christmas!  

Keep Smiling!

Dec 21, 2016

Dealing With Deadlines, Deadlines, Deadlines

It's the first day of winter...just moments from Christmas Eve...and I have two magazines in deadline mode for January issues!  I have menus and shopping to complete...a office party...and much wrapping to dive into.  Here are my coping mechanisms...
First, wear clothes I love!  Actually, my fall/winter clothes are my favorites.  We just hit sweater weather and I am all about boots, sweaters, and coats! I smile more when I am confident. 

Second, I take one day at a time.  I try to accomplish all I can each day with proper planning.  Making lists...checking them twice...and keeping them organized and separate from each other.  My magazine lists will not be on the same page as the shopping or holiday entertaining lists.  Separate list...and updated often.

Third, hang on to my joy.  I play Christmas music, and have Christmas movies on while I wrap gifts.  I make sure I do not lose the joy of the season amidst the deadlines. I choose positivity.

Sorry about the office pictures, but that is my home away from home right now.  These are all garments I have owned for a long time, but you are looking at
SOFT SURROUNDINGS TURTLENECK  (You will love these turtlenecks...see below)

LAFAYETTE 148NY WOOL VEST with LEATHER POCKETS (gifted from the brand.)
RHEA BOOTIES (Gifted from the brand) these are beautiful and very comfy!  I worked with these brands in recent past, but still wear and love their garments.

Deadlines are a  necessary evil in my business...so why fight them? How are you making it through holiday stress?


Dec 20, 2016

Goodwill SA: Making the Holiday Merry

I am about to complete my fourth year as a blogger for San Antonio's excellent GOODWILL SA orgranization.  I have witnessed them help our community with jobs, job training, and veteran assistance over and over again.

My favorite Goodwill SA treasure hunts have all enhanced my Christmas decorations.  I have several Christmas collections...Santas from around the world...snowmen...Christmas trees and votive candles.  Often, I discover a new addition to my collections at Goodwill.
One year I found these decorative china plates, so I gave friends and co-workers Christmas cookies gifted on a beautiful plate they could keep.  Much better than paper or plastic...don't you think?
Christmas Day at our house is a bit more casual with a wonderful breakfast and gift opening to begin the day.  Our nicer clothes are for Christmas Eve...so I was excited to find this red tunic shirt with tags still on!  I will wear something like this for next Sunday.

GOODWILL SA is a great way to save some funds, decorate without guilt, and help our COMMUNITY all at the same time.  We have the best Goodwill around! Also, remember to get your donations in before the Dec. 31...and ask for a tax receipt!

6 Days Til Christmas!

Disclaimer:  I am compensated by Goodwill for the post, but the words are my own.

Dec 18, 2016

Christmas Wedding Wear Over 50: All Sparkle Allowed!

Our celebratory weekend in downtown San Antonio was amazing, and I will share some additional images with you later.  But, today I would like to spend time on the beautiful wedding we attended on Saturday evening with the reception at the elegant ST.ANTHONY'S HOTEL.
I confess...the minute I receive an invitation which suggests everyone wear Black Tie or Evening Attire, I get a bit nervous.  I did not own an evening dress when we were invited.  But, this was a wedding involving dear friends...so I had to come up with something for the event. 
The location and event dictated a special dress.  Why do I get nervous?  Because it is a task to find an evening gown which is affordable and flattering for a curvy figure.  So, I headed off to DILLARDS.  At one point, I had about thirty dresses in the dressing room.  One dress was $900 but I wanted to see if there was a huge difference in price points. There really wasn't.  However, for a dress I would rarely wear, it needed to be as reasonable as possible.
This dress by JESSICA HOWARD was my choice!  I selected it for these reasons:
1.  The emerald green color is one I wear well.  It caught my eye immediately.
2.  The sleeve length was flattering.
3.  The tie hit at the smallest part of me helping the dress to be more flattering on my figure. It fit tight, but to go up a size, I believe, would have made me look larger.
4.  The sequined top was just enough.  I could've added a necklace, but I felt the sparkle was just right. The taffeta skirt was fun and the length perfect for a gold pointed toe flat to peep out from underneath. 

My nails were Christmas red and I kept my hair as I usually wear it.  I do not feel confident in a updo...so I went with simple. Many of my friends wore hair half up and half down.

It was an elegant night and I felt very confident in my dress.  It met my expectations and helped me to enjoy the evening.  What criteria do you have when shopping for an evening gown?  Are you comfortable wearing a little sparkle and shine?

This is a crazy week and for the first time we have seasonal cold weather all the way to South Texas!  We are taking a little holiday break from HIT YOUR STYLE SWEET SPOT, and hope to return with a refreshing new take on it.  Jennifer and I both want to thank you for your support of this weekly collaboration...it has been fun to produce and we hope to keep it going for a long time.

Stay Warm, everyone!