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Apr 30, 2016

Goodwill SA: Perfect for A Certain Occasion

It is hard to see in this picture...but the blouse is pink!  I do not really wear pink and I realized recently that I need a pink blouse for a special occasion.  Next week is the gender reveal for my grandbaby...we have been asked to wear the color representing the gender we think our baby is.  While I could wear blue all day long, I really believe deep down...this one is a girl.  So, off to my favorite treasure shop I went...GOODWILL SA.  I found this floral blouse in pink in a wonderful cotton.  
And, I always find bonus treasures...and this cardigan was a bonus...with tags still on.  Another bonus... this lovely, tile dress form...I loved it!  Some of my favorite home decor has been uncovered at Goodwill.
Regular readers know I am an avid fan of our local Goodwill in San Antonio.  The real bonus is ALL THEY DO FOR OUR COMMUNITY...job creation, job training, and support for our veterans.  It is a first class organization.  

Plus, I love a great treasure hunt!  (Will tell you next weekend if I should've worn blue!)  Watch for Hit Your Style Sweet Spot on Sunday as Jennifer and I discuss New Beginnings!

Have a wonderful Saturday!

Disclaimer:  I was provided gift cards for shopping at Goodwill, but the words are my own.  Items were discovered at the Goodwill located on Highway 281S at the Bitters Exit.

Apr 28, 2016

Power Products for Women Over 50

Next week is huge for me...and, as you know, I have been down for the count.  Here are some great products I will be using to bring on the power to face new opportunities!  Let's start with the EYES...
Beginning Monday, I will return to a computer screen at work all day and then face one at home for my blogging at night.  This super INTENSIVE EYE CONCENTRATE FOR WRINKLES BY STRIVECTIN was created for "screen fatigue," and it is excellent.  I love Strivectin products and have come to trust them with results.
I have introduced you to the LOREAL EXTRAORDINARY OIL-IN-CREAM before, but will rely on it's power for a confident look in a new arena.  It works to tame the humid-hair-beast.  I use it every time I wash my hair now.
I pulled a little muscle in my back with intensive coughing this past week.  The ARNICARE PAIN RELIEF GEL is such a help.  I recently learned more about BOIRON products and came away so impressed with the quality of these homeopathic medicines.  With natural active ingredients, these give us many new options and of the three products I have tested, all have worked.  I recommend of those little aches and pains.
Confidence comes with feeling protected and secure in ALL areas of your life.  I need complete confidence next week and FINESS has proven to provide exactly what is needed for light incontinent moments (especially, when recovering from a cough).  You need to try this product if you haven't ...unique, safe, it works.  I also have written about it HEREORDER FINESS HERE
Finally, super power came in this bowl of homemade chicken soup.  It really does pack a punch to the flu...of course, no links here, but if you need a good recipe...let me know.

Hope all of you are well today!

Disclaimer:  There are affiliate links within this post, but the words and opinions are my own.

Apr 27, 2016

Thursday Blog Hop and The Road to Recovery

It's been two weeks since I went to Las Vegas for a blogging conference and sadly I have been sick ever since I returned.  Finally, a med-clinic, did diagnose me with flu AND pneumonia! You know, I have heard some flu shots don't cover all the strains...I guess I found one not covered!  I do want to give kudos to the TEXAS MED CLINIC for getting me finally on a road to recovery.
Needless to say, creating content has been a little more difficult, so today I give you the fun reading of the Thursday Blog Hop...and hope all of you are feeling much better than I have!

Have a healthy Thursday!


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Happy Hopping!

Apr 26, 2016

Summertime, Happy Feet, and San Antonio Shoemakers!

It started this week...that thick humid, temps- nearing- ninety- plunge toward the summer heat we all know in South Texas.  It is a time when feet swell and by the end of a work day, just want freedom.  That is one of the many reasons I love SAN ANTONIO SHOEMAKERS..known as SAS Shoes. 
These fun  SANIBEL PEWTER SANDALS will await me at the end of a long summer's day and on weekends...and traveling through airports...and running errands...when comfort is key and my feet just want to say AHHHH.
I first introduced you to the craftsmen at SAS in a series of posts I wrote a couple of years ago, found HERE and HERE.  I actually watched them make shoes in the local factory and met their employee family workers, some have passed these jobs from generation to generation. I am not kidding about the exclamation, because when I slipped these  sandals on, they were so smooth and comfortable.  They are also one of the few sandals which include a buckle over the toe for adjusting...and come in several fun colors. 
The NEW SAS CATALOG is their best yet with styles for the whole family...I am eyeing this pair of RED BALLET FLATS.  I write often of how I struggle with funky feet and SAS has helped in so many ways.  I have watched women spend literally thousands of dollars going to specialty places for insets which ultimately did not work.  These are some of the women I worked with in my short stint in retail last summer.  SAS helped to get me through those five hour-on -your- feet shifts!  #happyfeet

I am proud to say Happy 40th anniversary to the craftsmen at SAS and so proud to have them located in our city!  If your feet need to discover some happiness...please give them a try!

And have a very happy Wednesday!

Disclaimer:  I was compensated for this post, but the words are my own.  

My Favorite Ways to Wear My Jeans Over 50

A friend suggested this post...so today on MIDLIFE BOULEVARD I am telling my favorite ways to wear my jeans for the over 50 crowd!

Join me for a denim discussion:

Happy Tuesday!!

Apr 24, 2016

HIT YOUR STYLE SWEET SPOT: Dress for Eating Outside over 50

Welcome to a fun collaboration with Jennifer of A Well Styled Life and Pam of over50feeling40.  We desire for all of us… the fabulous women over 50 …to look and feel our best each and every day.  After years of blogging for this audience, we have heard from so many of you about your discouragement and despondency when you look in the mirror every morning.  But, we both know just how transformative style can be, and hope to encourage you right here each week.  We want to see all of us empowered with strength, joy, and confidence.

It's that time of year...when we enjoy hitting the patios of home or restaurants to breath in the fresh air and listen to the birds sing.

Unfortunately, in South Texas, the crowds might be lower this year as all the news is discussing the ZIKA VIRUS and West Nile virus. 

So, let's begin our dress with a DEET FREE INSECT RELLANTor even AVON'S SKIN SO SOFT BUG REPELLANT

There are all natural ways to tackle the problem with mosquitoes...and of course, controlling the issue at our own homes.

Now, you can see why I have mosquitoes on the mind.  We have had a lot of rain!  It was ironic the day scheduled for these pictures including bulging thunderstorms.

In Texas, when we eat out, we want to be cool....that is our first consideration.  The outfit above is one I would wear for dinner in my own backyard.  A soft linen STELLA CARAKASI, and SOFT SURROUNDINGS CROP DENIM LEGGINGS denim crop pants.  

To eat out at a local spot, I might be reaching for a pretty skirt, kimono, or cotton pants.  There are many ways to be cool and look your best.  I am not confident in shorts...but, I know, many of you are...so pick a cool, cotton option ...but never opt for mom shorts and a tee!

On Wednesday, I will give you some special information about this post!  Now, let's go see what JENNIFER OF A WELL STYLED LIFE is wearing!

Plan some evenings outside and have fun!

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Apr 23, 2016

Office Dress For Women Over 50

On May 2, I will return to a work situation where more professional dress is required...(I will write more about the job later).  So, I am beginning to plan different looks from my closet in order to be completely confident and prepared my first week.  I want the woman over 50 to have the best office looks!

I received the jacket and necklace, pictured above, about three years ago and decided to pull  them out again recently.  One of the benefits of an occasional closet clean is to find pieces we have not worn for awhile.

I, also, started an office inspiration folder where I am placing ideas I find online which work with pieces I already own.  I know that is what PINTEREST is for, but this one will be smaller and more personal to me.  

Walking in with confidence to a new situation is critical and does require prior planning...more than just the night before.  I will share more with you later about the job and returning to daily career wear!

Hope to see you tomorrow for another HIT YOUR STYLE SWEET SPOT...Jennifer and I will discuss how we dress when eating on a patio!

Have a happy Saturday!


Apr 22, 2016

Bling...How Much Is Too Much? What Do You Think?

Bling...it is everywhere and never seems to leave the world of fashion.  I recently attended a seminar where the featured speaker, a woman in her late 50's, said, "I always wear lots of bling. The more bling, the better!"
I asked her why she felt that way.  She told me how she and her sister were raised by a very conservative mother, and her style now was her way to break out of a mold and stay youthful! She piles on the bling...the rhinestones...and (as she says) it feels as though she shines.  
Some women like just a touch of bling...some none at all!

I guess I have bling on my mind because this is when San Antonio ladies are decked out in over the top bling...it's FIESTA 2016!
Friday, is the largest parade in America which is 100% run by women...THE BATTLE OF FLOWERS PARADE!  Schools close for the day and businesses close early.  The streets will be packed with over 300,000.
And, many will be wearing BLING!

So, I would like to ask you, which camp do you live in...the more bling the better...the reserved bling...or the none at all!  What do you believe bling communicates about you?  Please join in the conversation....

Then, Have a fabulous Friday!  

Apr 20, 2016

Confidence: What I Have Learned...Plus the Thursday Blog Hop!

You are looking at my profile picture when this blog first started in July 2010!  I was open about the fact I was hiding...even if the mask was pretty.  In 2005, I turned 50 with zero confidence and spent most of my time at the bottom of my own priority list.  But, an AH-HA moment (you can read above on the page marked MISSION) resulted in a makeover and sharing all I learned when a friend encouraged me to blog about the experience.

I was the headless horseman of fashion blogging for several months!  Every picture was without a head...or all of me.  Many garments were photographed hanging. Or with my face behind a book or newspaper!

It was other sweet bloggers who would coax me out in the open and convince me I needed to share all of me!

I was confident in my abilities but still not so much with my overall appearance.  I could not believe an audience would want to see...that!

I share this with you, so you will understand confidence is a journey!  It is worth perseverance, hopeful expectation, and going forward to discover your best you!  It means so much, because the consequences of out- of- box- confidence can lead to opportunities you never dreamed of...yes, over 50! Encouraging, inspiring, and educating women over 50 to reach confidence is why I am here...I hope it helps!
What would help you on your journey to be more confident?  Please share....then enjoy the fun reads of the Thursday Blog Hop or hop on yourself!

Happy Thursday Everyone!


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Happy Hopping!

Apr 19, 2016

Mother's Day Wish: More Kande Please!

I am certain many of you have seen these exquisite pieces on some of my favorite fashion bloggers from FRENCH KANDE.  I was thrilled to join their team and receive this gorgeous Marie Antoinette medallion.  As the last Queen of France, Marie Antoinette was beyond controversial, but also known for her beauty, fashion, strength and courage.  All words I can get behind.

Not to mention the phrase she is believed to have said...Let Them Eat Cake...something else I can get behind....eating cake that is!

I love this jewelry and want more for Mother's Day.  Jennifer has a couple of pieces I have placed on my wish list....

Each and every piece is lovely.  Each time I wear my necklace and bracelet I have someone ask me where they came from.

But the note which came with my jewelry sealed my loyalty to this brand.  We share the same heart and mission to help women after 50 look and feel their best...And have the strength of a Marie Antoinette.

For the Marie Antoinette medallion necklace and my bracelet to the left (Part of the St. Cloud collection), the links are:




Now, Would someone forward this post to my family!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Disclaimer:  I was provided jewelry from the brand, but the words are my own.  There are also affiliate links in this post