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Nov 15, 2016

Chico's Leopard Jacket: Perfect Fashion over 50

For the past three autumn seasons, I have wanted a leopard jacket/coat.  I have tried on so many and returned at least two ordered online.  Finally, Chico's has answered my call....
This one is the right fit and length...exactly what I have wanted for so long.  It is heavier and perfect for colder weather.  I love to wear leopard with reds, browns, and blacks...it is very versatile for a print.  I have even heard some in the fashion industry call it a neutral.

But, for me...it is exactly what I have wanted to add to my wardrobe...especially for work attire.  Thanks Chicos!!  Make sure you are a Passport Member and on the email list for Chicos in order to receive opportunities for savings!  Trust me...it is worth it!
Disclaimer:  I received this garment from Chico's but the words and the styling are my own.

You will Love this Jacket!


  1. And phenomenal styling it is. May I drive down and borrow that for our Thanksgiving outing? :-)

    1. If I was tiny like you Carla...I would say My closet is your closet!!


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