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Sep 8, 2016

Chico's Fall Fashion for Women over 50: Sassy Leopard Pants

All the early signs of seasonal change have begun...acorns falling, owls hooting...and great designs on the racks at CHICO'S just for women over 50!
This outfit is a HUGE step out of my comfort zone, but the minute I looked in the mirror at the store, I knew I needed to add it to my wardrobe.  I love these pants...sassy, bold, creative...and I feel so great in them...the Juliet pant is an amazing fit and quality...perfect for work wear

Why not participate in this year's leopard-trend in a big way!  It adds some fun and panache to any style.

I just cannot say enough good things about the JULIET PANT...I love both pair I have, and am considering the ones in red!


Have a fabulous Friday, everyone!

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  1. LOVE those leopard pants! You look so chic.

  2. You look fabulous and fierce in those leopard print pants. I have a similar pair that I bought last year and I love wearing them. Chicos has got a great selection of prints this season.


  3. I also love the Juliet pants! I opted to wear my leopard in a top, though! You look marvelous!

  4. I love those on you! Leopard is such a great neutral. I need to get some of those pants.

  5. Gorge. All I can say. Just... gorgeous.

  6. beautiful! Sending you happy weekend hugs! xo

  7. Hello. You are such a lovely inspiration. You wear those pants well. I love them with your top, and am wondering if you would please share the information on it as well.

  8. Those pants are fabulous!!
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  9. Those pants are definitely "sassy", Pam. They look great. Hope you are enjoying your new editor's job!


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