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Aug 11, 2016

Shoes for Fall 2016...Prints, Patterns, Embellishments...FUN!

It doesn't take much more than shoes to get us excited about fall.  This was my big purchase at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year and I am in love with them.  It is my first pair for SHOES OF PREY and I am impressed.

The FGI Fall Fashion Event featured amazing shoes!  This year there are tons of embellishments, textures and designs.  Here are just a few designer styles found right now at NEIMAN MARCUS.  I love to look!

Have you purchased any fun shoes lately?  Tell us about them!  I can't wait to wear mine....

Have a fabulous Thursday!


  1. I ove the first line of this post. So true! And I love the leopard flats.

  2. I picked up some fabulous floral pumps for summer. Love the floral booties in this post, need to be on the lookout for some great shoes for fall/winter, but I'm still hanging on to summer! Too early to be thinking of snow...

  3. Heel baubles? Not for me. I'd be afraid they'd break off the first time I wore them. However, I did see a TV segment on how to DIY this look with a glue gun. Still not for me. I'll leave this look to the runway.


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