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Jul 28, 2016

The Lancaster Hotel: You Won My Loyalty!

Hope your weekend is going well!  I know there have not been many outfit posts lately, and I do apologize, but my wonderful photographers (son and husband) have been exceptionally busy lately! 

I do have a very special place I would like to share with you today.  If you ever travel to Houston, you must stay in THE LANCASTER HOTEL a fabulous boutique hotel in downtown across from The Jones Concert Hall.  Built in 1926, the Lancaster is an official Texas Landmark and a member of Historic Hotels in America.   It is rich with heritage, which you can read about HERE.

What I love is the way the designers created a blend of vintage and new with each step from the entry way to the rooms.   The vintage feel affords a coziness you will not find in the big chain hotels and creates a chic, elegant ambiance which is well…warm and cozy.  However, the new touches of leather, and marble counters, and creative design takes business travel to a new level.  

I was there on business travel and appreciated the breakfast provided in the morning complete with smiling, service-focused staff; the eating area with current news channels on and daily newspapers available; and the easy business room with computers to pull up the airplane site and printers to print whatever needs you might have…such as a boarding pass.  As a female business travels, I loved the makeup mirror, full length mirror…and oh, did I mention the cozy robes and Starbucks Coffee for the room.

The food was excellent from dinner to breakfast…and I loved the intimacy of THE BISTRO LANCASTER.  All it lacked was a touch of Frank Sinatra or a pianist to add icing on the New- York- feeling atmosphere.  I also want to compliment the staff…their kindness and smiles!  
Final word...this MOLTEN CHOCOLATE CAKE WITH JACK DANIELS AND NUTELLA SAUCE...there are just no words...best dessert I have tasted in a long time...it was incredible!

This is one hotel I will return to....

Have a Wonderful Thursday!


  1. What a beautiful looking hotel. I can see why you loved it!

  2. What a beautiful looking hotel. I can see why you loved it!

  3. Really beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I will keep it in mind if I have to travel to Houston.

    Meanwhile, check out electronic boarding passes. No printing. They changed my life.

  4. This place looks so lovely! I must try to visit one day.

  5. The Lancaster has long been among my local favorites. So much so that I've set scenes there in my own writing.


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