over50feeling40: I am on a Special Fashion Panel Representing Women 50+
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Jul 22, 2016

I am on a Special Fashion Panel Representing Women 50+

I am a part of a super secret, super exciting, and super fun new Fashion Panel.  I cannot give you many details, but I promise
as soon as I can, I will!  This looks like a sketchy situation here, but I promise a really cool atmosphere and amazing work happened inside!

I was told hundreds of women were considered for this panel and only 12 made it.  I am representing Women 50+ and I promise our voice will be heard.

I wish I could tell you more...but I just cannot.  It is an honor and tons of fun!

The only frustrating part of the last three days was the massive computer glitch at Southwest Airlines which cancelled 700 flights and my flight home was one.  Mass chaos and many unhappy people crowded the airport.  I had to stay an additional 24 hours.  But, I am home now and overall the experience was fascinating.

You will just have to wait for details down the road!

Happy Friday all!


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