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Jul 29, 2016

Goodwill SA: This Grandma's Assistant

My monthly trip to GOODWILL SA was all about my grandchildren. They may be headed this way for a visit in the fall and I need some new treasures for two little boys, ages 3 and 1.  The books and new toy will go in the treasure pile.  The Santa is actually for me...I collect Santas from around the world, and this one is from Finland and was only 99 cents!

My treasure hunts to Goodwill are always fun for me.  It is amazing how our community supports Goodwill with generous, quality donations and support.

I like to pick up fun mugs, fill them with flowers, and then take it to a friend to brighten their day...much more fun than a glass vase!

The employees always put a smile on my face...I have never met a grumpy Goodwill SA employee...they are fun and seem to really enjoy their work.  The way Goodwill SA supports the SAN ANTONIO COMMUNITY with job creation and training is so important for our city.
And you cannot beat how fun the treasure hunts really are.

If you are in San Antonio, then perhaps it is time for you to stop by any of our GOODWILL LOCATIONS!

It's a good way to get out of the heat!

Disclaimer:  I was compensated to shop at Goodwill...the words and images are my own.


  1. What an amazing store (as I've said before!) You can actually see what's on the racks. I should attach pictures of the Goodwill store in my area, but trust me on this, most clothes end up on the floor or half off the hangers due to overstuffed racks, the clothes are VERY worn, stained, torn, and it's difficult to come away with something useful. Furniture is broken, just very sad. You are fortunate to have a great Goodwill store!

    1. We are fortunate, Karen. I usually find designer or top brand clothing with tags still on. Of course, they have their share of junk...but so many more quality picks than any thrift stores I have been in . Goodwill San Antonio is amazing.

  2. I love shopping at SA (there's one in my town). It's like a trip through the decades (and WHO doesn't love that?)

  3. Love goodwill. Treasure hunting is fun. Grandma shopping is even better.


  4. This is why we love thrifting! All the treasures, and the very nice people too. xo

  5. Shopping as grandma is always fun. There is a treasure chest awaiting at every visit to Goodwill.

  6. Our local SA and a couple of consignment shops are my go-to spots for grandma shopping. It takes time to spot the treasures, but they are definitely there, and I now, retired from full-time plus work, have the time to invest. I love coming out with a bag of toddler clothes and a couple of great toys for the $20 or so. And, in the case of SA, I feel I'm supporting good work too.

  7. I love thrift store shopping! Today I picked up a few extra dishes for our travel trailer so I have enough when our son, daughter-in-law and two young grandsons join us on a camping trip next week.


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