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Jun 7, 2016

Frumpy Fashion...Retailers Ask You What It Is

Frumpy is in the eye of the beholder.  Some of you might look at this window and think frumpy...others might think really cute style! Today you have an opportunity on MIDLIFE BOULEVARD to tell the retailers...more.  They are listening and responded to your comments last week!  Come read what a couple said.

They want to know how you define Frumpy.  Just click on

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. Great opportunity to share our opinions!

  2. On my way! I do believe frump is in the eye of the beholder. xo


  3. Thanks for the opportunity to provide info! And for the record, I think the maxi-dress/jean jacket combo is very, very cute :-)

  4. I'm not sure I can define frumpy. It's something I know when I see it, though. It makes my eyes turn away immediately. Above in your picture, the outfit on the right is cute. An edgy striped top front tucked with white skinny cropped pants. The outfit on the left is frumpy. The stripe is dull and bland. The denim jacket is too close to the same tone of the dress. The two pieces blend into one another and nothing stands out. It's boring, too safe. If the dress were made of the stripe fabric the top on the right is made of, it would be much more attractive! Just my opinion.

  5. Frumpy to me is baggy, long, dull colors, and too much stuff going on like too many patterns, textures, too many things hanging off the clothes, too many details. For example, boho can easily look frumpy to me. I find clothing with clean lines, a classic cut, in a modern color, with one or two strong, interesting details is modern and youthful. I also think frumpy has a lot to do with grooming- Messy hair, No make-up, chipped nails = frumpy.


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