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Jun 24, 2016

And the General Is...

Ret. Major General Salinas was the first woman Hispanic to join the Marines and she is a ball of inspiration and wisdom.  She is the CEO of the Girl Scouts of America in South Texas.
Your comments were so interesting.  Especially those of you who feel classic, minimal styling is like a uniform.  
Both women are leaders in the community, and obviously sending different messages about themselves with their fashion of choice.

I may do this from time to time, because I do believe it helps us to remember what messages we send with our fashion.  First impressions are also important ones!

Thanks for participating and ....

Have a wonderful Friday!


  1. That would be a fun feature Pam. You could see this one different ways, as many mentioned that maybe she was glad to ditch the "uniform" style, while some of us felt more of the straightforward style approach signified a former military woman. You are so right about the messages we send with our clothes. We see examples of messages every single day!

  2. I need to have a look at your previous post - but this is very cool. She seems like a fascinating woman, with all that experience!

  3. This was fun!
    Uniform Dressing can be any style. Even ruffles and lace! A woman's uniform is her reliable, go-to, style of dressing that she relies on daily, to hit her style sweet spot. It's individual for each woman:)


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