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May 28, 2016

Would You Wear It?

It has been awhile since I asked the question...this is when I post a look found locally on a mannequin and ask you what you think.

But it really means more if you explain your answer as to why or why not you liked this style.  

So, I ask you...WOULD YOU WEAR IT?

Have a relaxing, fun Saturday!


  1. Yes! Oh, I love this, Pam. Classic and I'm sure looks good on most bodies. Does that mean I win it? ((((wink))))

  2. I LOVE this outfit! The neutral colors are beautiful, and I love the lines on the dress. Fabulous jacket, too.

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

  3. Yes!! It's gorgeous, and the graphic swirl would be very figure flattering. And black and white is such a classic, simply beautiful look.

  4. At first look it's not my style yet I'm drawn to the lines. I would probably try it ion and love it.

  5. I think this would be fabulous on most body types. The lines are more asymmetrical and I believe would be flattering on a majority of us!!
    Plus the colors are basic, so most women would feel comfortable in it!
    Needless to say, I'd probably add a bright pink necklace---ha ha!

  6. Love! Think it would be figure flattering, I am horizontally blessed and vertically challenged.. still think it would look nice. Modern and classic all at once. What store and or designer?

  7. What a striking dress! I would certainly try it on and cross my fingers that it looked as good on me as it does on the mannequin!

  8. Yes!! Love the neutrals- very classic style- love it๐Ÿ‘

  9. Good Afternoon Pam!
    I think this is a beautiful dress but not for me. The black asymmetrical line of fabric stands out so much that it dominates the entire ensemble.
    I want my clothing to complement "me". When I walk into a room I want people to see me first and then what I have on should complement my look.
    Love your blog!
    Judith Presgrove

  10. This is a fabulous figure flattering modern take on classics. I certainly would wear it with leg lengthening pointed toe nude heels.

  11. I don't know. It looks very contemporary, almost Jetson-esque to me.

  12. I love the look. The jacket is nice but I would wish that the dress had sleeves and I wouldn't need it. lol

  13. I like the dress but not the colors together although it doesn t bother me a lot.I think the Jacket is to heavy for the dress, I would have prefered a shorter Jacket or bolerojacket.

  14. Oh Yeah!! I love it. I think the style would be flattering and the colors being neutrals make it look chic. If it was in different colors then my answer would be no as then I could see it going from classy to trashy.

  15. Love this! Classic and simple....think Audrey Hepburn .
    May we know the label?

  16. Stunning and beautiful. Absolutely a WEAR IT!


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