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May 26, 2016

Work Wear for Women Over 50: More Inspiration from Entertainment

It's been quite a week in my career reinvention...a week of cheese trays, champagne toasts, french toast, and coffees.  I enjoy the networking...as long as I can control my eating...and I really enjoy watching what other women wear. 

I always get ideas watching women around me...it is one of my favorite sources for inspiration.
I could've taken many many pictures, but shared only a few here.  For one of the functions, I wore an IC COLLECTION print jacket I purchased on sale at DILLARDS.  It's a brand I really like.

It is definitely a challenge to dress professional every day...but I am finding so much inspiration and ideas around me.

  Where did you discover inspiration this week?

Happy Friday, all!


  1. those women were all looking very glamorous - I work in a smaller office environment where it's one step off a uniform - so nice pants and a pretty top are the norm. There were some gorgeous colours on display from some of the women that I loved.

  2. I get inspiration from nature. Yesterday, two women at work (both middle aged) were wearing flowery prints - one as a blouse, one as a skirt. They looked fantastic. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  3. Happy Friday to you! I'm wearing my usual work outfit at 6:30 am...PJs and bunny slippers. The joy of working from home!

  4. These are some stylin' ladies! Well, I am off to school this weekend and I have paid more attention to my attire, thanks to you, than I would have. In this case it can't be too professional as we are going to do some floor work. But it matches and thank you!

  5. Sometimes I find I get in a rut when dressing for work. I own six pairs of black slacks and it is always easy to just grab a pair of black slacks and then just pick a pretty top, accessorize and then go. With Spring here and summer approaching, I want to lighten it up, so I moved my black slacks to the side and found all my other pants that weren't black. Then I went shopping in my closet and paired tops with the colored pants. I feel lighter and fresher, more like spring. However, today, I am wearing jeans and a pretty green short sleeved sweater. Have to love casual Fridays!

  6. These ladies and you, all look great! I also get inspired (or frightened) by what I see other women wear.

  7. Beautiful jacket! You look so nice in it. It really compliments you!


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