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Apr 19, 2016

What Statement Will You Make?

Our fashion choices say something about us...they make a statement!  I am discussing statement pieces on MIDLIFE BOULEVARD today...join me for the discussion in...


Listen to us today on BLAB!  Click on the image to join in the fun!

Have a Joyful Tuesday!!


  1. Just finished watching your BLAB! Thanks for all the tips and inspiration. Also, congrats on your new job!!! I have suggestion for a Style Sweet Spot--outdoor graduation ceremonies:). Thanks for all you do Pam!

    1. That's a great idea Natalie...thanks for listening and for the idea!

  2. So nice to "visit" with you and Jennifer and Adrienne while watching your BLAB, Pam. Next time, I'll make sure the kettle is on before I tune in:)

    1. These Blabs are so much fun...I am glad you got to listen, but also hope you got your tea! Thanks for commenting Susan!


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