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Mar 23, 2016

Salad In A Jar Party...Thursday Blog Hop...Both Time with Friends!

When my friends, Sara and Sabrina invited me to a Salad in A Jar Luncheon Party, I was not sure what to expect.  I already expected enjoyment with a great group of ladies...but the focus on health was a refreshing and always needed, touch.
First we sat down to a beautiful, fresh and healthy salad lunch...recipes were excellent and I will try to share them with you later.  Sara and Sabrina have been taking and sharing a supplement called JUICE PLUS for years and talked me into starting it three years ago.  I have seen a marked difference in my blood counts and health and even my dentist commented on improvement with my gums.
Now I desire to be like both of my friends and eat clean and healthy every day!  
We spent some time discussing healthy eating...and then went outside to see Sabrina's TOWER GARDEN.

She is growing herbs, lettuce, tomatoes, and peppers...all fresh and beautiful...and easy right on her patio.

She doesn't even use dirt with this garden.

Then it was back inside for each of us to make our unique Salad In A Jar.  The dressing goes on the bottom of the jar; then the moisture resistant veggies; on top of those other veggies; then protein; crunchy bits; pasta; grains and on top greens!

It is full of protein and good healthy eating with veggies, nuts, and beans.  I ate mine two days later and it was excellent.  A great way to take lunch to work.

Now that is a better party favor than candy?  Don't you think?  The theme and discussion were exactly what I needed that day!  If you are curious about Juice Plus, contact Sabrina HERE

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  1. I'm going to have to try that for brown bag lunches...I need some new ideas!! Love the vertical garden idea too.

    1. It was really good...you just turn the jar upside down and shake the dressing over it...pour it out on a plate. Thanks for stopping by, Susan.

  2. I just got a Meal in a Jar cookbook and can't wait to try it out! Great idea for a luncheon!

  3. Everything looks yummy and healthy! I will forward this to my Texas daughter who carries a salad to work for lunch. xo

  4. Oh, this looks like such a fun get-together! I enjoyed seeing all of your photos and reading about the event. I love to make salads in a jar and just realized I haven't done that in awhile. Need to do it again soon. Have a wonderful week, Pam!

  5. This looks good, but I have to say I am completely hooked on your hot salad recipe! I've tried it with various kits (I know, lazy, I should be chopping!) and I love them all!

  6. I love this idea. I really need to consider doing something like this, either on my own or with some friends. It sounds (and looks!) fun. And healthy. Yum.


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