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Mar 16, 2016

Products I Recommend...Plus Another Blab!

This week I am featuring a 2 for 1 special with my favorite Vitamin C Serum...LAGUNA NATURALS VITAMIN C SERUM...Just go HERE for the deal and make sure you select two bottles in your shopping cart, enter the code FEELIN40, and the price of one will be removed!  Great deal for an excellent product I use daily!
I confess...I am not a fan of ironing...and really like the new DOWNY WRINKLE RELEASER PLUS spray.  I like to hang the clothes in the laundry room, spray them with Downy and then smooth out the wrinkles.  It works...and there is a TRAVEL SIZE!! Just go HERE or click on the picture below...
Another product, I am super impressed with is PERSIL PRO CLEAN. In the Texas heat, it is difficult to keep a man's white under shirt white for long.  But, this laundry detergent does it ....with no bleach.  I wish it had been around when my sons were on the football field.  Just go HERE or click on the picture.  
I know I have talked a lot lately about Loreal Paris products, but they have some excellent ones for our age group.  The MAGIC ILLUMINATING FACE PRIMER for under our makeup is one of my favorites...it is lightweight and adds an illuminated, healthy glow to our complexion.  I prefer it to the more expensive ones I have tried.  Go HERE or click on the picture!
Now that your face is glowing and your clothes are clean and pressed, why don't you sit down and enjoy our blog for this week...it was very good information about fitness from a Boomer fitness expert, Alexandra Williams!  Happy Wednesday!!



  1. Thanks for all the product recommendations. I like when someone I know has already tried the items, and give me the low down. I really am interested in the wrinkle release spray. My only concern is the smell. Does it have a smell, or are there different scents you can choose? Thanks again.

    1. Thanks for the question, Tania. It has a light fresh aroma...very nice, not heavy at all. I like it!

  2. I HAVE to try that wrinkle spray - we don't even an iron : > xo


  3. Hi Pam, thanks for the product reviews. I have a question. Lip liner or no for lips over 50?

    1. I say yes...but keep it a soft color which is close to your lipstick color. IT does help keep color on the lips! I also use a lip treatment by VenEffect which is sold at Soft Surroundings and it helps to keep color from spreading around the lips. Thanks for asking Terri!


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