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Mar 1, 2016

More Neiman Marcus Spring Fashion Show: Dresses, Dresses, Dresses

Last week, I introduced you to the Spring Trends Fashion Show at Neiman Marcus, HERE.  The first trend discussed then was lace, lace, lace.

The second trend for Spring 2016 is from day to night, dresses are back in a big way.  They were featured for work, casual, and special events.

So, enjoy.....

Do you find yourself wearing mostly pants or dresses...or is there a balance in your wardrobe?  Let's discuss...

Thank you, NEIMAN MARCUS for a beautiful show....

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

now if you would like to listen to our Blab from yesterday, just click on the box below:




  1. That denim blue print is so lovely. They all are, actually... but I love it the best. Sigh. Big snow storm coming our way today... so spring fashion is on the back burner for a while. Well, except for dreaming and planning and making lists for shopping:)

  2. Thanks for taking us along on the fashion show! Lovely dresses!

    I couldn't make the Blab this morning! I look forward to watching the recording!

  3. Pants, but I love dresses. Mainly because I am bigger on bottom than top, so fit is an issue.

  4. Its all Oh and Ah over here! I love dresses and these are stunning. I tried to follow the Blab yesterday but it did not work on my phone so I am going to listen now.Bye Bye.

  5. I will be channeling you this weekend as I venture to Neimans and nordstroms to find a dress for an LA wedding. Although I do veer more toward pantsuits :-) I think it maybe time for more of a gown

  6. Just lovely! I wear more skirts and dresses than trousers - but no dresses quite like these! I adore the spring green button-down-the-front dress. xox


  7. I rarely wear dresses. But these are all so beautiful, especially the denim like print. Does anyone make dresses that go well with the types of flats worn by people with foot issues? Just curious because I would wear a dress like that to work in the summertime. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  8. Our office is business casual so I find myself wearing slacks each day. I find it hard to find skirts to fit me. The dresses are gorgeous.

  9. I wear dresses to work almost exclusively. Also sundresses for casual wear in the summer. I like the girly, feminine feel of a dress. I do love my jeans, but weekdays are for dresses (for me!)

  10. Hi Pam - Looks like such a fun show. Thanks for sharing. Hope you are well! Love - Deb xo

  11. For business meetings I wear a dress or some great pants and a sweater and fabulous necklace, but for everything else, pants.

  12. I love wearing pants but these dresses are gorgeous! Especially loving the drop waist balloon skirt red dress with the asymmetrical neckline.

  13. Growing up in Canada back in the day when girls were required to wear skirts to school even in the depth of winter, I usually wear pants, but I do have a few dresses that I look forward to wearing when the weather warms up a bit more.

  14. Wonderful Pam, Boy do I have to pick one? I love all of the looks, particulary the red off the shoulder high low hem, fanciful one.. but all are gorgeous!
    Thanks for linking up with Turning Heads Tuesday !
    jess xx

  15. Yes there is a balance in my wardrobe. But only after an Italian blogger pointed out to me that I was leaving out the skirts and dresses in favour of the skinny trousers. She was right and I don't want that. So now the balance is back. I corrected it.
    As for the dresses you show in your photos... my my.. was I drooling over them..


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