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Mar 30, 2016

The Artist in Us All...Plus the Thursday Blog Hop!

My dear friend, Gail, has been an art teacher for close to 30 years, and she believes everyone can be an artist...no matter whether you think you can or not.  She says there is a creative bent deep inside us all.  So, when my daughter in law decided to treat me and her mom to an afternoon of painting at PINOT'S PALETTE. I thought Why Not...could be fun...and it was!
I was rather shocked to sit down in front of a blank canvas with no lines or numbers on it!  Some fear began to arise...would I be the first to prove Gail wrong?? I can see why they encourage groups to bring in the wine or drink of choice...I did get a tad tense my first time.

It was Easter weekend and this is what the artist was teaching us to paint.  She stands at the front of the class and shows us how.  They are very good at coming to the rescue if you mess up.  Though you can see below that my interpretation is a bit different, I think I want to do it again!  I have gained a little confidence.

I thought this would be a good day to show you another wonderful selection from the ARTFUL HOME SPRING CATALOG.  I love the designs from Planet, and I am modeling the PLANET SIMPLE V TEE below...

This is a fun piece I know I will wear alot in warmer weather.  The linen is very comfortable and the color vibrant....the color is called Lipstick.  Planet is rapidly becoming a favorite brand for me at ARTFUL HOME. It also brings out the artist in me!
The necklace is by local jewelry designer SUSAN BUTLER!
Next time I go to PINOT'S PALETTE, I want to paint something like this....
Remember, tomorrow is our second from Frumpy to Fabulous First Friday!  See you then with my fellow #TheFrumpBusters, Jennifer and Susan.
Now, please either hop on or begin to read the fun selections of our Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop!


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Disclaimer:  This garment was provided to me by Artful Home, but the words are my own.

Mar 29, 2016

Bobbi Brown for Women over 50 at Nordstrom

I was invited to the recent NORDSTROM BEAUTY EVENT and selected one of my favorite lines, BOBBI BROWN, to learn more about new products.  The day I was there the beauty department was packed with the over 50 crowd!

I learned 12 years ago, if I wanted to get the most from my makeup, go to the experts and receive a little education!

Glenda at Bobbi Brown Nordstrom in The Shops of La Cantera is one of the best professors I sat before.  She took such care to explain and discuss each step of the makeup process!

Bobbi Brown's secret to the makeup universe is prepping, correcting, and concealing.  You will walk away with this diagram explaining exactly what was done and the products utilized to achieve the look.  Very helpful!
I left with a new appreciation of BRONZER ....which I stopped using a couple of years ago.  Glenda informed me Bobbi Brown says bronzer is a must because of the depth it adds to your look.  She showed me exactly where to place it, blend it, and not to forget the neck and chest.  She also taught me when to apply with a brush and when to warm with my fingers to get just the right blend.  Using our fingers is not always a bad thing.  And I was impressed with THE STICK FOUNDATION.
I kind of wish Glenda and my hair stylist lived with me and could do this every day!  How fun would that be...here is a before and after on my brows.  Love this LONG WEAR BROW PENCIL..
I am also sold on the brush in this new EYE OPENING MASCARA.  My current mascara is the SMOKEY EYE, but I will be switching as soon as it runs out.  Loved this product.  I also really like the STONE color of eye shadow Glenda selected for me.

Here is the new BRIGHTENING FINISHING POWDER...for our youthful dew!

Don't fear the beauty departments!  They are fun and help so much.
The NORDSTROM event was like a party and every customer walked away with a goodie bag after purchase.  
Best part... I am a bronzer girl again!

Have you been to a beauty counter to get help?  Please share your experience!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Thanks to Glenda and all the fun staff of NORDSTROM AT THE SHOPS OF LA CANTERA.

If you missed our broadcast yesterday about casual dressing and women over 50, then you can hear the recording whenever you like.  Just go to the blue box in the sidebar and click on it for the link.  It was an informative and uplifting time!

My Over 50 Shopping List for Spring 2016

This outfit by EILEEN FISHER AT DILLARDS is on my wish list this year for over 50 fashion!  But, the items I am actually shopping for are on MIDLIFE BOULEVARD today.

Join me for a talk about Spring in the....

Then, have a fabulous Tuesday!

Don't forget, Blab Today...for details click HERE

Mar 27, 2016

Celebrating Color and Spring!

Happy Monday!  I guess this outfit says... whether snow is falling or winds are blowing, bring on spring!  BRYN WALKER is a brand I discovered first at DILLARDS and every now and then they produce a garment, I simply must have!  THIS TUNIC is creative fashion for women over 50!
After reading some of the comments on Saturday's Would You Wear It, there are readers who may not like this outfit either.  But I really do.  Just for the record, I would not wear the one from Saturday. I agreed with most of the comments, but this one is different. That particular WOULD YOU WEAR IT outfit really brought on strong emotions on the blog and Facebook.  The strongest so far of all the WYWI posts.
 But, the draping, the pocket, the color, the unique design on this garment works for my body type.
I wore it to a luncheon last week and owned that room with my confidence!  That is what a statement piece should do...give you enough confidence to own every room you enter... with a smile.

I styled it with some old faithfuls in my closet...EILEEN FISHER WHITE ANKLE PANTS...STEVE MADDEN FLATS...and three gold necklaces layered together (two from CHARMING CHARLIE, and one from THE LIMITED).

It is a fun look and one I know will get me far this spring and summer! But, a good example of how every garment by a designer will not always work for us.  You must try it on...or see it on the mannequin as we saw on Saturday.

Has anyone made a new purchase for spring you are really excited about?

Tell us what you got?

Remember, Tuesday, JENNIFER CONNOLLY, SUSAN STREET and I return to Blab to discuss fashion for women over 50.  Hope you will join us!  The link is in my sidebar with the Blab box in blue.

Have a Glorious Day!

For those who celebrate this joyous day of Easter, my you be blessed!

I am with family and will see you later!

Oh Glorious Day!

Mar 26, 2016

Would You Wear It...Saturday Style!

'Tis the season for many different designs of pants!  So, I ask you about the outfit above...WOULD YOU WEAR IT?

Please explain your answer, so everyone can understand why!

Because it is a holiday weekend, HIT YOUR STYLE SWEET SPOT is taking a one week vacation!  Jennifer of A Well Styled Life and I will see you next weekend!  'Til then, please remember
we are Blabbing on Tuesday with Susan...see the blue box in the sidebar, and our second FIRST FRIDAY collaboration is next Friday....lots of fun, next week!

Have a joyous Saturday!

Mar 24, 2016

Younger Skin Starts In The Gut

This week I have covered healthy eating and wearing the right colors so our complexions look younger.  Well, I am reading a bookwhich discusses one of the best beauty secrets for women over 50... the importance of healthy eating in order to confront premature aging...

"The gut is the control center of the body, the place where health and death begins.  Whatever happens in the gut will show up in the skin and dictate the health of your entire body."  Dr. Nigma Talib has written a four week program in this book to identify and eliminate skin aging triggers like gluten, wine, dairy and sugar.  

She discusses eating clean and removing chemicals in YOUNGER SKIN STARTS IN THE GUT.

I am early in my reading but wanted to share it with you right away as I am learning a lot.

That is a dairy free smoothie pictured and the way I am currently learning to eat.  Find the book HERE.

Have a fun Friday!
See you Saturday for WOULD YOU WEAR IT?

Mar 23, 2016

Salad In A Jar Party...Thursday Blog Hop...Both Time with Friends!

When my friends, Sara and Sabrina invited me to a Salad in A Jar Luncheon Party, I was not sure what to expect.  I already expected enjoyment with a great group of ladies...but the focus on health was a refreshing and always needed, touch.
First we sat down to a beautiful, fresh and healthy salad lunch...recipes were excellent and I will try to share them with you later.  Sara and Sabrina have been taking and sharing a supplement called JUICE PLUS for years and talked me into starting it three years ago.  I have seen a marked difference in my blood counts and health and even my dentist commented on improvement with my gums.
Now I desire to be like both of my friends and eat clean and healthy every day!  
We spent some time discussing healthy eating...and then went outside to see Sabrina's TOWER GARDEN.

She is growing herbs, lettuce, tomatoes, and peppers...all fresh and beautiful...and easy right on her patio.

She doesn't even use dirt with this garden.

Then it was back inside for each of us to make our unique Salad In A Jar.  The dressing goes on the bottom of the jar; then the moisture resistant veggies; on top of those other veggies; then protein; crunchy bits; pasta; grains and on top greens!

It is full of protein and good healthy eating with veggies, nuts, and beans.  I ate mine two days later and it was excellent.  A great way to take lunch to work.

Now that is a better party favor than candy?  Don't you think?  The theme and discussion were exactly what I needed that day!  If you are curious about Juice Plus, contact Sabrina HERE

Now for more enjoyment, go visit the wonderful blogs of The Thursday Blog Hop...or hop on yourself!


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