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Feb 10, 2016

Career Reinvention: Dress for Working at Home...plus the Thursday Blog Hop!

I get it...when we work at home there is huge temptation (especially in the winter!) to stay in pajamas and a robe all day. However, I have discovered that if I make myself dress for "my office" then I actually accomplish more during the day., and not feel so much like I am going through the motions of life.

Most mornings,  I will start in a basic style like pictured here. Today, I began with a ponte knit pencil skirt, tights, and a solid knit blouse.  It is comfortable and easy for sitting at my desk most of the day.  Then if I need to go out, I just throw on a nice jacket and cute scarf.  It is easy to step up the game if someone calls for a lunch appointment or to meet over coffee.  I can style several versions of the basic style underneath with pants or skirts and be ready for any moment.  Plus it keeps me in a business state-of-mind! 

I highly recommend all who are self employed, behind a computer at home, that you ditch the PJ's just as you did when leaving the house to go to work, and mentally prepare for work...you will be amazed at how it affects your productivity, your bottom line, your attitude and your courage to step out and do more. I do not want to merely go through the motions...life is just too short!  It really is not complicated to look your best each day.

This is the seamed ponte knit pencil skirt in walnut from JJILL ON SALE NOW FOR $39.99...I have two colors and perhaps need a third!  So comfortable and classic!  BIG NEWS...the SKIRT IS 
NOW $23.99!!


Now, it is time for the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop with recipes, decorating ideas, and so much fun...if you are blogger, hop on with us and increase your reach!  

Happy Thursday!



  1. Pam, you look so great in those colors!

  2. That color red is perfect for you! When I got laid off one time, I dressed for working in my office everyday to get my resumes out, network, etc. I live in the tropics and when it's really hot, I'm in a sundress, but with jewellery. A girls gotta dress-up her dress.

  3. Great look, Pam! The brown and orange look lovely on you. And the scarf is wonderful, too! A great example that you can look great and be comfortable at the same time!

    I teach at a college but do all my grading, prep work, etc. at home, so I'm home a lot. I know all too well how easy it is to just wear yoga pants every day... I made a real effort about six months ago to get properly dressed every day, and it really makes a difference.

  4. Just ordered the skirt. On clearance and only 23.95:)

  5. It's great to see you in orange again, it is definitely your color! I love it here paired with leopard. xx

  6. It is difficult working at home sometimes however I always put on some make up and get dressed. I can't imagine spending the day in my PJs I would only wear them in the day if I was sick. That red really suits you.

  7. Hello beautiful! I love stopping by your party each week. Thank you for hosting. It would be so amazing if you could stop by our party that goes until Friday @7. We Pin and Tweet every creation at our party. Lou Lou Girls

  8. OMG! You put me to shame! When I'm on deadline, I GO GO GO without ever changing from my pajamas and polar fleece slippers.

  9. I was just thinking today about that. I actually go out to work (in an office trailer for a landscaper who is also my son!), but my office is being renovated so I've had the week off. So I've been "working from home" aka writing! I get up every morning and go into my office and spend most of the day at the computer, writing. I thought about people who stay in their jammies-I could never do that! I would be so unproductive. I have to get up and dress. BTW, I used to work at J Jill-love those ponte knit skirts. And I lost 30 pounds and need a new wardrobe-was going to shop tomorrow, so I just may go to J Jill and pick up one (or two) of those skirts!

  10. Love this outfit on you! I especially like the scarf! :)

  11. Loving that poppy red/orange on you! I guess you could say I work from home in the summers. I find that I need to get out of the house. If I dress cute and sit in a cafe and blog, I'm much more productive than at home in the PJs where the temptation to just cuddle with cute doggies all day is too strong! ;)

    Thanks so much for linking up with Fun Fashion Friday & enjoy your Valentine's Day!

    Dawn Lucy

  12. you look fantastic!!! And here is your orange coat. How lovely. Thanks for the inspiration. I will find myself a leopard scarf too.
    You look modern and stylish. Kudos.


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