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Feb 24, 2016

Affordable Fashion Idea and The Fabulous Thursday Blog Hop!

On Monday, I brought to readers HOW I PRACTICE AFFORDABLE FASHION...well, here is one more idea, though I have only done this once!  

Years ago my husband showed up from a business trip with a dress for me...it was this print in an ankle length maxi dress!  It was overwhelming...and though I appreciated his gift...I just could not go out in the dress.

So, I designed a way to cut it off...laid it out on the floor...looked at the pocket placement...and even did a high/low hemline...and I chopped away.  Then I actually took it to the dry cleaners to have them sew in the hem.
I love it and wear it as a tunic or a jacket with a black tank underneath.  It was one way to keep a garment and re-fashion it to work better for me. 

 It is so nice that it matches perfectly these COLORFUL METRO LEGGINGS AT SOFT SURROUNGINGS.  Looks like they were made for one another!

Have you ever re-designed a garment to work for you??  Let us know...then go join in with these wonderful blogs on the Favorite Things Thursday Blog Hop!!

Have a joyful Thursday!


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  1. You did a fabulous job turning the dress into a tunic! It's a great pattern for a tunic, and it goes so well with the pants!

    Unfortunately, I'm not good at re-designing garments. I think it's because I'm intimidated by sewing. Cutting the dress yourself and then having it sewn is a great solution!

  2. I can see that it would have been a tad 'loud ' as a maxi. Love it as a tunic and fab idea to chop it then get it hemmed.

  3. Great print...for a tunic. I also can't see it as a maxi dress. But I think it is so lovely of your husband to bring you a dress! That has to be said!

  4. Hello beautiful! Thank you for hosting such an fabulous party! I would to see you at our party that goes until Friday at 7 pm. We Pin and tweet everything! Lou Lou Girls

  5. Love that tunic. It's something I would wear too!

  6. I am tackling a winter coat that I still like. It is too long, I sew, so I am shortening it. The worst that could happen is to mess it up beyond repair, but it has worked for years already so this is worth the risk!! Kind of fun to work on it!

  7. I would never have guessed this was once a maxi!! I haven't run into a situation like yours before, I think because my man knows not to purchase garments for me :) I do love what you've done with it though, the end result appears a lot more contemporary and fresh.


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