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Jan 8, 2016

Hospital Day...Going In With A Smile

I am off to the hospital this morning for my surgery and here is what I decided to wear.  This JJILL sweater and leggings give me the comfort and warmth I need...of course, after the surgery, I won't care what I have on.  And though I enter without makeup...and a little nervous...I will enter with a smile!

Here's a wonderful quote from POLISH YOUR POISE WITH MADAME CHIC by Jennifer L. Scott:  "Clothing is not merely for covering ourselves.  It should never be an afterthought.  Our clothing and, as an extension, our style, should be intentional.  Our clothing choices communicate so much about us to the world. The way we dress represents our state of mind and our verve for life. If our clothes are sloppy, our presentation is sloppy. Something is off.  But if we get into the groove of looking presentable no matter the circumstances (even the hospital!) and expressing our unique style while doing so, we are not only looking good, but we are revealing our poise."

I will see you in a couple a days as I begin to recover!  All prayers are welcome!

Also, I must give a shout out to my sister-in-law, Mary Lynn!..she is trying out for The Voice in Houston tomorrow. Her choir students talked her into it.  This over 50, vibrant woman has one amazing voice...still strong and I hope they send her forward.  She is great!  You go Mary Lynn...show them age makes no difference!

Happy Weekend!


  1. Prayers lifted for a successful surgery & speedy recovery! Cathy@mysideof50.com

  2. Best of luck with your surgery, Pam, and wishes for a speedy recovery!

  3. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  4. My thoughts are with you Pam! I hope your recovery is swift and you get to read a few good books. Best wishes to your sister too and UI hope she has a wonderful experience. xo


  5. I will send good thoughts Pam. Hope everything went well.

  6. Prayers for a successful surgery and speedy recovery, Pam! Best of luck to your SIL!

  7. Sending you healing thoughts Pam!

  8. I hope you are batteria new. Best Wishes from your italian follower !

  9. What a wonderful post dear :) I wish you a happy healthy 2016 with lots of fun!

    Check out my new post - My amazing kitchen floor makeover :)

    LOVE Maria Inredning - it's Swedish for decor

  10. I'm praying for you right now! Good luck dear Pam. I also wish your SIL good luck too. I think that is so awesome. I hope she knocks them out with her voice! xx

  11. Prayers for your surgery and and a speedy recovery! You are so inspirational! Love, love your posts!

  12. I'm praying for you. I hope you recovery quickly. Good luck to your sister-in-law.

  13. Hope all when as expected with your surgery. God bless.


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