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Jan 26, 2016

5 Steps for Slimming Your Style

I did my homework and learned how to look smaller than I really am!  Now, I am sharing what I have learned with you on MIDLIFE BOULEVARD today! 

Join me today in .....

And have a fabulous Tuesday!


  1. you always look lovely - smaller is a nice option for us all but you are gorgeous any way you put yourself together :)

  2. I would add 2 things. 1. A-line, or fit and flare, dresses are flattering. and 2. Wearing a belt can help create a waist. HOWEVER< don't cinch it too tight since it will then emphasize the muffin top.

  3. You always look fabulous! Great tips. You've mastered them. Xx

  4. I agree with Jennifer...fabulous you!
    Have a lovely week, Pam xx

  5. Great tips to know! Thanks for putting these together.

  6. Super tips! Commented on the other page.


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