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Sep 30, 2015

AZO: A Natural Way to Control Your Bladder

I have confessed often on this blog about my struggles with incontinence.  Now, there are innovative, natural products on the market to assist those of dealing with one of life's little annoyances for midlife women. No longer do we just have to accept it, but rather, there are things to try to assist with bladder control.

Of course, exercise for strengthening the pelvic floor is a good place to begin...secondly, go to the local drug or grocery chain and pick up a box of AZO BLADDER CONTROL, a safe and drug-free solution to maintaining a healthy bladder.
 AZO Bladder Control™ with Go-Less® helps to reduce occasional urgency and functions to maintain around-the-clock bladder support.  AZO Bladder Control contains clinically-studied Go-Less, a drug-free, naturally sourced supplement comprised of pumpkin seed extract and soybean isoflavones; ingredients that are proven to support healthy bladder activity and enforce bladder strength. Pumpkin seed extract supports bladder muscle integrity while the soy isoflavones help relax bladder muscles and sustain muscular strength in the pelvic floor.

Just take one capsule three times a day for two weeks.  After that take two capsules a day and you should see the urgency to go as frequently, decrease.

Now, here is the exciting part...AZO would like to give 5 of you a free box to try.

All you have to do is:
1. Go to their Facebook Page and LIKE it...AZO FACEBOOK PAGE
2. Leave a comment on their FACEBOOK PAGE that you would like to try the product for bladder control.
3. Then email me at over50feeling40@gmail.com with your mailing address.  After I match up the comments with the emails, the first five will receive the product.  I will email you and let you know if you are one of the lucky five!
It is exciting to know that now there are healthy alternatives to a pesky little problem.  Try it!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!

Disclaimer:  I was compensated and provided product for this post, but the words are my own.

Sep 29, 2015

On Huffington Post: My Review of THE INTERN

Join me on the Huffington Pot for my review of the movie
"The Intern."


Enjoy your evening!

5 Attitudes Holding Midlife Women Down

Life is short, but not over.  Midlife women need to stop making excuses and get in the game.  On MIDLIFE BOULEVARD today, I am discussing the five excuses holding midlife women down. Let's move past them and go change the world!

Join me in 

To discuss why we must not give up on number 1!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Sep 28, 2015

Time for Fashion Flash!

Time to sit down with a PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE from STARBUCKS and enjoy reading from some of the top fashion , beauty, and lifestyle blogs for midlife women and beyond! Today, Fashion Flash is hosted by Jackie at AGING BACKWARDS

Great reading here ladies! FASHION FLASH LINKS...

Happy Monday, everyone!

Sep 27, 2015

Color of the Year for Midlife Women

I am honored to co-host with CHERIE OF STYLE NUDGE today for the Shoe and Tell Link Up Event!  Always a pleasure to meet up with stylish ladies of all ages.  Just hop on with us below!
I am in love with this cool-weather ready TEXTURED PONCHO sent to me from Foxcroft.  I have worn and supported Foxcroft for five years and they always bring quality, beautiful garments...often found in our finest stores.  The poncho is the pantone color of the year...Marsala. 

You look good coming and going with this great button design in the back.  I also love the pockets in the front.

Yes, it is still warm here...but, as soon as those cool weather breezes blow, I will be stepping out in this.  I love it.

Make sure you check out the FOXCROFT FALL COLLECTION...they produce garments which can be trusted.

Oh yes, it is all about the shoes and these suede booties from my wardrobe closet last year are great for celebrating the Shoe and Tell Link Up!

Join the Shoe and Tell Link Up on STYLE NUDGE every Monday to share your favorite shoes, old or new, shoes you own, or shoes you wish you owned. Feature just your shoes or share with us your entire fabulous outfit, shoes and all! Anyone can link up, not just bloggers.
Every Monday I feature a pair of my shoes and tell a little bit about them. Shoes make the outfit and who doesn’t love shoes. Shoes have a story to tell, like where you were when you bought them, what event you were at when you first wore them, who you were with when you wore them, etc.
To join the link up follow these steps
1. Please follow your Host on FACEBOOKINSTAGRAMBLOGLOVIN and/or PINTEREST Thank you!
2. Feature your entire outfit or just your shoes.
3. Visit other link up blogs. It’s a great way to get to know other style bloggers, as well as their shoes!
4. Every week I will be selecting my favorite shoe/outfit post. The chosen blogger will be invited to be the next Shoe and Tell co-host the following week.
5. Please link back to Style Nudge by posting a link in your post or grab my Shoe and Tell widget below and paste to your link up post.
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Sep 26, 2015

Is Your Car Full of Joy Today or Just Gas?

They are on their way to a party somewhere!  Made me smile as I traveled behind this car full of joy.  How about you...is your car full of joy today.  Are you looking and feeling your best?
I am headed out to run errands in this SOFT SURROUNDINGS LEOPARD KNIT TUNIC and leggings!  My daughter and I are going to try to take in a movie today.  If the nursing baby will allow it.

I love the details on these LEGGINGS...cute and comfy!  A good look for being out and about!

I will have another autumn SOFT SURROUNDINGS look for you on Monday...next week promises to have some interesting posts for your enjoyment.

Right down to those special details....

If you want to locate beautiful, fun fall decorating ideas, take that joyful car by your local PIER 1...I love their displays!

Happy First Saturday in Autumn!

Sep 25, 2015

Introducing Origins Three Part Harmony Skincare

I really do love our baby boomer generation!  We have decided to take aging to a new level of acceptance with care.  This means we know and understand wrinkles will come, but with care we can still look and feel our best at any age!

ORIGINS has developed a new line of skincare just for us meant to help us look radiant, nourished, and hydrated...that plump, healthy feeling when we look in the mirror.

It was created with three goals in mind:  to renew, repair, and restore radiance using the power of nature to help create our most youthful healthy skin.

·       Three Part Harmony Oil-infused Serum for Renewal, Repair and Radiance and Three Part Harmony Nourishing Cream for Renewal, Repair and Radiance Works so well on skin for women over 40!  Helping us to feel our youthful best.

One of the reasons I pictured it with a flower is because the aroma is wonderful when you open the product.  It is smooth, creamy and welcoming to the touch.

I do recommend you stop by the ORIGINS department in your favorite department store and ask for a sample.  Your face will be happy!

Have a joyful Friday, all!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Origins.  The opinions and text are all mine.

Sep 24, 2015

Eileen Fisher: Networking Confidence & A Free EBook!

In the last year, I have invested more in my wardrobe than ever before.  I knew I wanted to portray confidence, strength, and creativity with my clothing.  I also knew networking was going to increase as I branched out in marketing, public relations, and writing.
Since I left the high school hallways, I find myself more often wearing EILEEN FISHER for work than any other brand.  I go to my local DILLARDS and try these pieces on.  I have developed a fun relationship with my sales associate as we play with the collections. But, I will also say that Eileen Fisher is often ON SALE at Dillards.  I have more sale pieces than full price.

The jacket and pants here are Eileen Fisher and I love this red color for fall!  I was headed out to a luncheon, (more about the speaker later...pretty amazing products on the horizon!)...and I felt very confident dressed like this.
In the last month, I have been to more luncheons, events and meetings than I have since my 20s when I first entered the professional world.  It really is so much fun...because I am doing what I love.

This was the first quote during the presentation that day and I wanted to shout a resounding YES!  How, can I return to my professional career at 62?  Because it isn't really work...it brings joy and enthusiasm and smiles for the day!
I worked hard to get my wardrobe ready for this moment and it is paying off.  I did this because #I MATTER.

Check out Eileen Fisher for fall at Dillards!

The shoes are ANTONIO MELANI AT DILLARDS (few years ago) and the purse is from THE ANT HILL BOUTIQUE, on Stone Oak in San Antonio and operated by Project Runway Star, Anthony Ryan Auld.

Linking up today with Katie's Favorite Things Blog Hop!...and FUN FASHION FRIDAY LINK UP

I am honored to be in Vibrant Nation's new ebook!

Just click HERE to download the book for free!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Sep 23, 2015

Finally, I Found THE Shoes!

I have been looking for the last ten years for a pair of perfect shoes...stylish shoes...and comfortable shoes which would accept my funky feet just as they are!  When I saw them...I ran across a crowded shoe department in STEIN MART for the embrace!
Readers, friends, family...all, know me in my flats.  I have had a myriad of foot issues for years which took heels (for the most part) out of my life. Trust me...when I say my feet are funky that covers so many things.  But, my longing to find THE SHOE...the one I felt fashionable and comfortable in at the same time has been growing.
I had never heard of BERNIE MEV until I got to Stein Mart last week.  Just looking at the construction of the shoe made me want to give it a try.  The minute it was on my foot, I had hope.  Then I walked around and around and they felt so great, I almost danced right there in the store.  
Once I went to THE BERNIE MEV WEBSITE, I could see they were made for comfort.  STEIN MART carries several styles and colors.  Warning...you will see these often on my blog!

My other accessories from the OUTFIT ON MONDAY, included a Victoria Bosco clutch I have owned for several years, and this bracelet,,,,
The lovely bracelet is part of the  CAROLYN POLLACK STERLING SILVER jewelry called AMERICAN WEST.   This is the STERLING SILVER LAPIS LEAF bracelet. 

Remember,,,accessories can take any outfit to the next level...be purposeful with your choices!  It's fun!

Happy First Day of Autumn!

Disclaimer:  The bracelet was provided by the company.  The words are my own.

Sep 22, 2015

Feeling Like Melissa McCarthy

I know....I am not a comedian or a movie star...or a fashion designer. But, I did discover recently that I have a few things in common with Melissa McCarthy!  Join me today on MIDLIFE BOULEVARD to see what they are!

I will be discussing encouragement and confidence in
See you there!

Sep 20, 2015

Stella Carakasi: Career Reinvention Assistance

I continue to learn so much about career reinvention later in life.  I am constantly challenged with how to prefer the better over the best.   Balancing activities…learning to say yes to what will build the business and no to what won’t, requires careful contemplation.   Of course, living with grandchildren until the end of October adds a new challenge and dynamic…but these smiles are hard to say “No” to, and I love to photograph them!
I am also learning a new type of writing as I am asked to do more health related articles.  This means more research to seek understanding of the topics…currently I am researching varicose veins and lymphedemia. 
Of course, facing all of this with confidence is so important and wearing clothes from STELLA CARAKASI gives me an edge!  I introduced you to Stella HERE.  Today, I would like to encourage you to visit her website to see the FALL COLLECTION…she has some great pieces which make powerful statements in one garment!  I am in love with this jacket!
I feel like I can conquer anything when I have the confidence-edge... which comes from looking and feeling my best!  Even if it is listening to doctors talk about the veins in our legs!! For more on the accessories I am wearing, join me Wednesday right here!

Is anyone else facing challenges this week?  Please share with us! Then go visit STELLA CARAKASI.


Happy Monday!

And, of course, it is time for

Hosting today is Deb at the No-Nonsense Beauty Blog

Just click

Disclaimer:  These garments were provided by Stella Carakasi and the opinions are my own.

Sep 17, 2015

A Softer Side for Fall

I walked by the market yesterday as they were setting up a special autumn display!
The colors made me smile in anticipation of my favorite season.  But, I was wearing a softer transition into the new season.

These pink suede flats were on clearance last year at ALDO.  The fun necklace is from one of my favorite resale shops, GARMENT EXCHANGE.

These are (once again) my gray METRO LEGGINGS FROM SOFT SURROUNDINGS.
The long sweater coat is EILEEN FISHER, two years ago and the gray sweater top is Eileen Fisher on a Clearance rack at DILLARDS!

Whew...sometimes the outfit is an involved explanation!

The white wooden pumpkin is one of my decorations and originally purchased at MARSHALLS!  Also a softer side.
I love enjoying it all...each and every color of autumn.

What are your favorite colors to wear this time of year?

I am linking up with THE FRIDAY FASHION LINK UP!

Have a happy Friday!

Saks Fifth Avenue Presents Laurel Berman and Black Halo

Fashion designer, Laurel Berman, introduced her BLACK HALO FALL COLLECTION to San Antonio this week with an appearance at SAKS FIFTH AVENUE AT NORTH STAR MALL.   Though she has designed a classic dress officially labeled an icon, and dressed celebrities for the red carpet and magazine covers, she is soft spoken, kind, and humble.
She typically designs for career women, so they feel confident on the job.  But, she recognizes her styles have been worn by females, pre-teen to Baby Boomers, and on all sizes.  She is proud to offer her work through sizes 16.  “I love to dress curves and design clothes which flatter female figures,” she said.  This is evident in the careful placement of seams and architectural styling. It is important to her the styles are tasteful, classic, and occasionally, with a bit of an edge.  

The upper portion of each dress is designed to hold the girls so secure a bra is not really needed.  This is why she is sought out by many women who are looking for the power of great fit in these dresses and jumpsuits.

Her icon is called THE JACKIE O DRESS, and it has been seen in many fabrics and colors and on the country’s most stylish ladies including Anna Wintour, Heidi Klume, Lady Gaga, Tyra Banks, Kelly Ripa,and even Kirstie Alley.  “I did not set out to design predominately dresses,” she said.  “It just turned out that my best sellers were always dresses.”  

Laurel believes women feel sexy and confident when they like what they are wearing which helps them to feel great about themselves. She encourages women of all ages to take care of themselves…eat healthy and exercise.  She also wants to see more follow their dreams.  “I left my political science college degree behind to pursue what I love,” she said.  “And I am so glad I did.”
The clothes are stunning and I noted the joyful smiles of the models.  They loved what they were wearing and I do not always see such a reaction.  Black Halo for fall 2015, including the Jackie O dress, can be found now at SAKS FIFTH AVENUE.

BLACK HALO:  Since its launch in 2002, Black Halo has expanded from its Los Angeles roots, becoming an internationally renowned brand.  the collection made its national debut in the U.S. in 2003 at Nordstrom and in 2008 at Harvey Nichols in London, and today can be found in 1500 stores worldwide. 

Have a great Thursday!