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May 31, 2015

Summer Parties: Found the Look at Chico's and FitFlops

Happy June, everyone...I truly hope you are all well!  My summer officially began with a couple of parties on the calendar...one a couple's wedding shower...and one for graduation!
Since, I received gift cards from some of my sweet parents at the end of the school year, off to Chico's I went to get ready for these parties.  

I already owned the Chico's white pants (a great deal on a sale rack shortly after Christmas.)

My recent purchase was:




I discovered these shoes in Dillard's recently when looking for a pair of stylish, comfortable flip flops. I liked them so much I purchased them in silver and bronze...beautiful rich metallic. I have a feeling both will be worn out and the end of the summer!  This brand created a patent pending technology called microwobbleboard in order to diffuse underfoot pressure and absorb shock.  I am wearing the FITFLOP LULU SANDAL. Kept a smile on my face all night long at the first party!

What do you have on your calendar this week?  Attending any summer parties?  Please join in and .....
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May 30, 2015

Goodwill SA: Serious Retail Therapy

This transition in my life is exhausting and definitely has its ups and downs...so what better way to escape life for a little while than go on a treasure hunt at GOODWILLSA!

I feel quite confident in this Michael Kors brown tank top!
I love all of the pleating and it is a great addition to my wardrobe.  Do I look ready for job interviews??
Designer pieces are always part of the treasure I find when I stop by the location at Bitters Road and Highway 281.

I wasn't in the market for another kimono, but I confess I thought a long time about this one....brand new...
I also wished I had a cute little tea cart for this set....
But, I did find a place for a gorgeous French country platter....
I feel much better!  Thanks GOODWILL SA!

And, thanks for all you do for the community...providing jobs, and job training, and veteran assistance!  We all win!
Saturday is a great day for Goodwill!

What are you doing this weekend?

Hope the sun and your smiles are shining!

May 29, 2015

Menopause in the Bedroom: A Sensible Health Talk

I have so enjoyed getting to know and working with Vibrant Nation, the leading online community for women 45+.  They really care about helping women of midlife and beyond with ways to look and feel our best.  On March 31, they hosted a webcast discussion about a serious topic many of us need a little help discussing.
There are so many female topics which honestly are difficult to talk about…perhaps, I feel that way being from the South.  We were raised to only talk about certain things in “polite company.”  I suppose looking back, the impolite company knew a lot more than we did!  Anyway, we are quick to discuss hot flashes, claustrophobia, anger, and sleeplessness associated with menopause, but so many of us will not talk about how it affects our lives in the bedroom.
I learned so much from watching this discussion with DR. BARB DEPREE, who also blogs at MIDDLE SEX MD BLOG and a panel of women who came with questions about the topic.   She spoke honestly and openly on things we should be giving attention.  Just as our skin needs new skincare treatments and our diet needs an adjustment after menopause, our bodies also need special vaginal health care during this time.
Their video discussion taught about the need to visit a trusted doctor to discuss pain and the best ways to deal with it; to understand the difference between moisturizers and lubricants; and options about hormone therapy.  Moisturizers are needed more by those who are not sexually active, so women literally do not dry up.  If you already experience dryness, it is reversible and the discomfort can be treated.

All of the videos can be found on their page at VIBRANT NATIONAL LIVE EVENT: SEX AFTER MENOPAUSE.  They help us to understand problems we so often neglect to discuss with our doctors and now I see why it is important that we do. If you are anywhere around menopause, take some time to watch and learn.

  1. Disclaimer:  I am participating in a Vibrant Influencer network campaign for Vibrant Nation. I am receiving a fee for posting; however, the opinions expressed in this post are my own. I am in no way affiliated with Vibrant Nation and do not earn a commission or percent of sales.

May 27, 2015

Step 2 Career Reinvention: Be Honest with Emotions

For the past three weeks, I have been riding one crazy emotional roller coaster.  A friend helped me to understand that I am actually experiencing grief.  It was sad to leave the department we built...my students...and my friends.  Some of the friends I work with were also families we raised our children together.  One day I pulled into the front gates and just began to cry...I cried all day that day.  The next day, we told funny stories from the past twenty years and laughed so hard we cried.

I do think part of this process is to be honest when there is sadness, fear, and excitement...I have ridden all of those cars lately!
It is important to acknowledge this is a major life change and some stress will follow and emotions will get spun around.

I MATTER means I understand normal people cry, laugh and giggle during a career reinvention...and it is okay to do all of them...just not allow one of them to control me.  In order to see this through, I must be hopeful, prayerful, balanced, honest with myself, and stay healthy (mentally and physically)....Ok, no more ice cream binges!
Is anyone else changing careers in midlife or beyond?  Please share any advice you have...and after that, make sure everyone enjoys the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop...or even better, hop on!

Keep Smiling, everyone!
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Step 1 Career Reinvention: Appreciate the Past

As I go forward with a major part of my reinvention and seek a new career at 61, I believe it is important you understand all sides of this journey.  So we begin with what I leave behind….
Teaching was never part of the plan.  In fact, the original plan was to take Barbara Walter’s job at The Today Show, but I don’t think she was ever worried.  However I have learned from experience to never say never.  While working as our private school’s communication director (in order to provide private education for three children), I suddenly found myself starting a high school newspaper.
That was sixteen years ago.  With seven eager students, and one old PC computer, we began a program which would blossom into something pretty incredible.   After a contest to name the publication, it became The Revelation, four black and white, in-house copied pages.  That first staff lit a fire in side of me.  I asked them to go interview at least three students for one of the articles…they interviewed 67!  The first Editor-in-Chief would be the first one to write professionally and major in journalism.  Sharing my passion of journalism with these kids was the most fun I had experienced at any job.
The Revelation is now a 32-page news magazine, slick, four-color. I could write a book of the experiences we lived, as high school students interviewed Presidential candidates, celebrities, entertainers, authors, and told major news stories in a high school publication.  The local newspaper city columnist wrote about us, because he ran into these young reporters all over town.  It would also blossom into a broadcast news team.  They competed against college journalists to place in the Lone Star Awards, judged by The Houston Press Club.  Consistently for twelve years, they brought home Gold Key National Awards from Quill & Scroll/The American Newspaper Editor’s Association.   I learned when you inspire young people to climb tall mountains, the majority will reach the top…and keep going.

I am honored to say many former students now work in communications from newspaper reporting to public relations and marketing.  Some have told me the high school experience actually prepared them for thriving business careers.  Many led their college newspapers.  In the past four years, the broadcast team has begun to have the same success.

Most of the employees working at our school to provide the private education experience for their own children, would leave after those children graduated.  But, I remained.  It was difficult to let go of something I had been a part of from the foundation up… and to let go of the students.  Working with teens will keep one young and joyful. 

Last Friday, May 22, my time came to a close.  In the past two years, new leadership has taken our school in a new direction.  We had the same superintendent for over thirty years…he and his wife loved the journalism department.  Even when we ruffled feathers with an uncomfortable editorial or two…even when we reported stories many wanted removed…even when a retraction had to be printed…they stood by the publication and all the lessons learned.  They shared the vision to see young people leave our school with an understanding of the world around us, with a desire to question and know more, and with a passion to tell truth.  They knew iron sharpens iron.  Alan, I cannot thank you enough.
But without going into too many specifics, I know it is time to move on.
Here we go at 61…hanging up the NEED EMPLOYMENT sign.  I must replace my salary and dust off the resume!  I will miss my students so much…I will miss watching them surprise everyone with accomplishments…I will miss their dances and music and joy…and I will miss the glory days of The Revelation and KSAC. I believe teaching was just for that place, those students, at that time.  My communications career has been diverse and that is where I will concentrate my search. 
I have provided this background in order to give you all sides of this new journey…I truly hope I can help inspire and encourage any of you also beginning again later in life.
The day I told administration I could not sign their contract, this quote appeared on Glenda’s Blog, SO WHAT TO TWENTY:

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.  Live the life you’ve imagined. – Henry David Thoreau

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

May 26, 2015

Fashion Lessons from Grace and Frankie on Netflix

What can we learn about fashion from these two ladies?  Join me today on THE MIDLIFE BOULEVARD and find out!  

I will see you in the 

Keep Smiling!

and a big 

Thank you!  For all of the kind, encouraging comments yesterday!

May 24, 2015

Change,, Chico's, and Curtains!

Everything changed last week...I mean everything...and I will be blogging about this change more than once this week.  On January 23, my friend Catherine Robinson wrote these words on her blog (CASHMERE LOVER)...
"Don't you just love it when plans start to come together...plans that have been years in the making, of course, long hours, hard work, the inevitable emotional roller coaster...but you can finally see that little glimmer of where you want to be...just waiting for you.  Never give up,maybe tweak things here and there but believe in yourself and remember to enjoy yourself along the way...hard work is always rewarded...just sometimes...it takes a little longer than we had hoped for...or maybe it waits until we're ready...until we're honest with ourselves...until we love what we do and then we see our perspective on life change."
Her words really struck me, so I taped them inside of my new yearly planner...not really sure what they meant in my own life.  I always planned to teach journalism until another job or opportunity opened and I knew in my heart I was to follow it.  For most of this year, I thought I would teach at least one more season.

But, suddenly I left teaching last week.  I will write more specifics later.  The big change at this moment is that after sixteen years, I must find new employment and seek another way to generate income.

And I hope to share the entire journey with you here.  Maybe someone else needs to know...we can begin again!

I am not a teacher by profession...I am a writer, a communicator, a publicist, an editor, a marketer, and a businesswoman.  So, why not be looking for a job now?  I have drawn the curtains on one career...

But, I seem to remember another way to look at curtains....
Wasn't it Vivian Leigh in Gone With the Wind who fashioned curtains into a fabulous gown in order to find a man??  Oh, yes, and Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music took her bedroom curtains and fashioned them into children's play clothes in order to capture the hearts of the Von Trapp children!
Curtains may have closed on one ACT of my life...but I fully intend to make something new and enjoy each and every moment going forward.  I am tired and riding the emotional roller coaster, but really at the core, I am excited to see what is out there.  As Catherine said, hard work is always rewarded and I have worked hard for many years.  Let's see where it takes me!

I recently purchased THIS WAVY JACKET FROM CHICO'S on sale.  Remember Passport membership gives you extra savings and free shipping.  I really like the seams and pockets in this jacket and know I will wear it often! It will work across any season! There are still sales happening right now with great savings.  You might be amazed at some of the prices you find.

Have a fabulous week, everyone.  Keep smiling....I know I will!

Time for....
This week hosted by Barbara Hannah Gufferman of FASHION FLASH AT THE BEST OF EVERYTHING AFTER 50


May 23, 2015

Southerleigh at the Pearl: Summer 2015 Begins!

Happy Saturday, all!  For the start of Summer 2015, we headed down to SOUTHERLEIGH, FINE FOODS AND BREWERY in the restored PEARL BREWERY area on the THE SAN ANTONIO RIVERWALK
This was the perfect place for our celebration of new beginnings (more on that later) and to celebrate family, friends, and summer!
Of course, Southerleigh's has an earthy, warehouse-architecture design concept...

But this place is also known for excellent foods created by Chef Jeff Balfour...and their own brews of beer...the finest of quality local food producers...and locally brewed beer...grass fed beef...and beer...combinations of unique flavors...and, you got it, beer!  MENU

Our party enjoyed
Conjunction Curry Porter
Seawall Belgian Wheat
Big Shell Coconut Porter
(I just sipped what other's ordered, but the coconut was the best for me)

The food was amazing.  I realized I did not take a lot of pictures of all entrees, because I was too busy eating!!
Of course, after amazing cuisine, we walked it off along the beautiful Riverwalk!

This was the perfect way to end a stressful time of my life and celebrate what lies ahead!

I highly recommend a therapeutic visit to San Antonio, Southerleigh, and the Pearl to celebrate Summer!