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Mar 31, 2015

5 Ways to Save on Shopping Spring...And Winner Announced

Yes, it is spring, but should Spring Bust out all over us??  I am on MIDLIFE BOULEVARD today discussing how to keep spring under control...budget and style wise.

Just join me in 

For springtime discussion!


The winner of the FOXCROFT COLLECTION blouse is the gorgeous Kimberly at FIFTY JEWELS...thank you to everyone for entering and reading.  Congrats Kimberly!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Mar 30, 2015

Everything Old is New Again...Alberto VO5 for Hair and Body

I can remember putting VO 5 Hot Oil Treatment on my hair as a teen...to tame the mane...if you will.  Here is an updated version of their oil and I like it....Shine, Glow, and Go!  

With healthy argan and shea oils, it is not too heavy and  gives a healthy, non-greasy shine to my hair.  I can find it at Walgreen's and some of you can also find it at Kroger for about $4.99. I haven't tried it on my body yet, but I might...skin can always use nourishment.

Might be worth visiting a blast from out past in a new way!

See you tomorrow!

Keep Smiling!

Mar 29, 2015

Slimsation Pants and I am Hosting Fashion Flash!

Hello, from me and my shadow...walking down the avenue! It feels so great to be out in the sun...smelling the flowers...and enjoying spring.  What is even better is that I am also experiencing a great new pair of pants from SLIMSATION!
They promised a flattering, comfortable fit and they delivered.  This company has been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX.  Here is what they told me:

"SlimSation contours the waist, slims the lower tummy and shapes the hips in a plethora of silhouettes in sizes ranging from 2-24W at wallet friendly pricing.  Using a resilient fabric with great stretch and wash/wear,SlimSation allows for a comfortable “go-to” pant that can be worn from day to night. With women’s hectic daily schedules and responsibilities, having a comfortable staple pant that doesn’t sacrifice style or trend is must in today’s world."
They are lightweight and perfect for sunshine and warmer weather.  I am certain I will consider purchasing more.  Why don't you LIKE SLIMSATION ON FACEBOOK or follow them @SlimSationStyle on Twitter or even follow them on PINTEREST.  This is a great pant!

Now, it's time for FASHION FLASH...and I am the hostess!
Please enjoy posts from some of the best midlife fashion, beauty and health bloggers!

First, let's visit the fabulous Josephine of Chic at Any Age for HINTS AND TIPS FOR CLEARING OUT YOUR WARDROBE AND PROTECTING YOUR CLOHTES

Melanie of Society Wellness gives us a delicious sounding VEGAN BAKED ENCHILADA CASSEROLE...might have to try this one soon!

Barbara Hannah Grufferman, author of The Best of Everything After 50, thinks braids are one of the best trends to come along in years . . . and SHOWS US HOW TO DO A BRAID IN UNDER A MINUTE.

DivaDebbi also has a BrCa 1 mutation, like Anglelina Jolie. HERE she shares her thoughts on Angelina's recent Op-Ed disclosing her latest surgery.

As we age, our bodies become must less efficient at absorbing Calcium and Vitamin D. D.Mirabai Holland, Women's health and fitness expert, gives some important information to help us eat A BONE HEALTHY DIET.

Prime Beauty knows a great set of brushes makes all the difference in makeup application.  Read her review of MIKASA BEAUTY CLASSIC ESSENTIAL BRUSH KIT and get 25% off your order.

Jodell at Blackcatplus takes a look at a new campaign to eliminate the PLUS SIZE LABEL from fashion.

We're all ready to leap outdoors and enjoy some warmer weather.  Carolyn Hartfield beat us to the punch by quitting her sedentary corporate life years ago to run her own active lifestyle business.  It sometimes involves being UP A TREE!!

Deb of No-Nonsense Beauty Blog explains why acne is not  just for teenagers


Have a sunny, joyful beginning to your week!

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And check out FASHION SHOULD BE FUN, I was featured there on Friday.  Thanks Dawn!

Disclaimer:  The pants were provided for this post, but the words and opinions are my own.

#WaterEffect #WaterNow

Fulfilling roles as a full time teacher and full time blogger can get really busy at times.  But, that should not be an excuse to also fulfill a promise.  I owe the good people of World Vision an apology, because I let World Water Day on March 22 slip by me.

They sent this gorgeous silk scarf  as a reminder of water.  I am completely on board with their mission to provide clean water for those who do not have it.  The high school where I teach builds and funds water wells for communities in Africa which do not have clean water.  So I am well aware of the children who die daily from diarrhea due to a dirty, filthy water supply.

There are things we can do every day to help:
1. Donate and support World Vision on their Facebook Page HERE
2. Practice water conservation in our own homes....do we really need those 20 minute showers??
3. Use twitter to spread the word with #WaterEffect and #WaterNow and build awareness.

I have not worn this scarf yet...but I will this week and use it as a way to tell others about this dire need.  I do feel bad I missed March 22, but I am and always will be on board with their mission to save lives. 

Let's all be thankful for our own clean water supply and work to protect it.

Have a glorious Sunday!

Mar 28, 2015

Bobbi Brown for Spring and Inspiration from a New Anchor

The beauty of spring is blooming and it's fun to get a little new color and touch ups!  While I was in SAKS FIFTH AVENUE, Bobbi Brown was hosting a special event to introduce new spring colors.

I love and wear BOBBI BROWN makeup and have for about a year.  I love these new eye colors, but also have returned my favorite cream shadow color, Suede, to the lineup.

There are new longer lasting lip shades, and at Saks exclusively, Bobbi Brown has developed some SPECIAL SKINCARE KITS so you can experience the core of her product line.

It just may be worth a call and a visit to see these new fun products.


I loved this outfit one of our local news anchors wore this week.  So I paused the news and took this picture.  A beautiful pencil skirt, blouse and jacket...classy and chic.  URSULA PARI of KSAT just returned from a Polo match in Pakistan...Yes, she plays the sport!  So let her stamina and her style inspire you today!
Have a gorgeous Saturday!!

Mar 27, 2015

Tom Ford Beauty: A Unique Shopping Experience

Recently, I attended an eye-opening event...well, actually, an event which opened all of my senses.  Saks Fifth Avenue (in North Star Mall) hosted an evening with Tom Ford Fragrance.
As little girls, we learned perfumes are sold in Disney Boxes...as teens we bought our favorite pop star version...as adults, we wind our way through endless department store aisles and spray mist after mist on our arms and wrists.
Never have I experienced fragrance through the taste of fine chocolates and appreciation of the spices and ingredients selected for each scent.  The milk chocolate held by this gorgeous lady is a truffle handpicked by Tom Ford himself at a chocolate boutique in New York and through the touch of honey and rum in the candy, our sense of smell was heightened to single out the same ingredients in his new VELVET ORCHID.  The aroma was clear, deep and significant.
Each candy delivered a new scent of spices, florals, fruits, and honey. I was amazed how the candy changed the aroma from one fragrance.
Velvet Orchid is an uber-feminine, lighter, flirtatious version of TOM FORD'S BLACK ORCHID, developed for any woman ready to capture the attention of the room she enters.  He could not find the perfect flower, so now grows his own in Santa Barbara.  The original features black vanilla, cinnamon, coconut, and black raisins.  It is so deep and rich, the fragrance is worn by as many males as females.  Thus, the need for the new lighter version which keeps the warm dark base, but adds lighter spices.  What is amazing in this presentation is how with each candy, we could smell the individual ingredients in a new way. 

It was the first time I smelled a fragrance deeply and understood how sensual a selection could be. Tom Ford likes his choices to be mood setters...and they are.

From his Private Blend, I could actually smell the breezes from the Italian Riveria foliage and fruit trees in  NEROLI PORTOFINO and through Tobacco Vanille  I could pick out the vanilla, tobacco, spices and rich leathers of a London smoking club.  I think my favorite is OUD WOOD, I just could not breathe it in deep enough and I wanted to remain in that place. It was unlike any fragrance I have ever tried and given a spicy touch with Chinese Black Pepper.  This is a sensual adult fragrance the way it was meant to be...purchased for  how it heightens all of our senses through individual special details hand selected by the designer...there are no cheesy gimmicks here.
I so enjoyed the experience, which just had to end with Tom Ford Lipstick.  I see products advertised everywhere as being like butter.  But, until this lipstick, I had not met one which lived up to the claim.
Tom Ford sells no lip liners because the pigmentation from the lipstick is so rich, it does not spread beyond the lips into those territories we all hate.  I completely understand now why so many bloggers will purchase Tom Ford lipstick as their reward and special treat.  It is wonderful.

For those in San Antonio, who would like to experience any Tom Ford product, just contact Maria at maria_silva@s5a.com.

She will be happy to help you out and there might even be chocolates and champagne in the deal!

Have a fabulous Friday, everyone!

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Mar 25, 2015

An I MATTER Woman of Strength...Plus the Thursday Blog Hop!

Recently, I introduced you to a fun San Antonio boutique called ELIZABETH’S.  While I love the contents of this store, it is the fabulous owner Elizabeth herself which is the most inspirational part of this story.
A single mother and a cancer survivor, Elizabeth (45) has known her share of challenges in life.  She knows the importance of the I MATTER message. “I was a single mom, taking care of my son and working day and night to make ends meet.  I got caught up in the rat race of life and the last thing I cared about was taking care of myself. I rarely slept seven hours nor did I eat healthy meals.   

In 2007, God decided it was time to get my attention and I was diagnosed with cervical cancer which brought my life to a halt.  The message I took from this?  I am not invincible.   This was happening to me…not someone else.”  Elizabeth realized through all of this, if she did not take care of herself, then she was of no service to anyone else.

Through turning her life around and good medical care, Elizabeth is an active business owner, mother to a 25 year old son, and now engaged to the “love of her life.”  She loves the fashion industry and helping women to look and feel their best.

“I have loved fashion since I was old enough to say CHANEL,” she says with a smile.  Her boutique has operated in two locations in San Antonio since 2003.  “I feel it is so important for women to care for their outward appearance, because it is a huge part of how she feels about herself.  When a woman is confident, everyone can see it. It speaks volumes of who she is and there is nothing more attractive.”
Elizabeth loves to work the floor of her boutique and interact with her customers.  She said, “I can recall so many times when a woman would walk into my store and start by saying she was not sure there was anything in the boutique which would look good on her.  This customer has always been my favorite, because I know if they will give me a chance, I am about to change not only their look, but more importantly how they see themselves.”
She only asks her clients to give her the freedom to take them out of their comfort zones.  “So many women live in a box, not because they want to, but because they don’t have the confidence to get out and that is where I come in. I cannot explain the joy I feel when I can help other women realize THEY matter!”
She is gorgeous, joyful, and making a difference in the lives of women…because she took the time to pick up the I MATTER sign...another story of life and overcoming challenges.   Life is short...let's choose to enjoy as many moments as we can.   If you are anywhere near San Antonio, go by Elizabeth’s Boutique on Highway 1604 North and say hello. 
I hope the stories of all of these amazing women encourage you as much as they do me!

Remember to read the other creative blogs below, because it is Blog Hop day... every week great recipes, inspiration, fashion and decorating ideas ...or hop on yourself...and 

Have a sunny Thursday!
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Yes...it is hump day!!  Happy Wednesday to everyone and welcome to the latest edition of #wouldyouwearit!!

While I was working last weekend, my company was Meryl Streep on my television screen in the movie for the Baby Boomer audience, It's Complicated.  In the scene where she confesses to her girlfriends an affair is happening with her ex, she wears a flowing, floral kimono over a knit top and pants.
More and more women of a certain age are showing off their kimonos, so I ask all of you...WOULD YOU WEAR (OR DO YOU WEAR) A KIMONO??  And if you do or would, please describe an occasion where you would wear this garment.  If not, please tell us why you prefer not to wear this garment.

Now, for product kudos....

I continue to be impressed with YOUNIQUE  beauty products.  I recently reviewed the mascara and now I have tested the ....

SHINE EYE MAKEUP REMOVER PADSMOODSTRUCK LIP LINERILLUMINATE CLEAN CREAM.  I like all three products.  This is the first eye remover pads to impress me....so soft.  These product links will take you to Wendy, one of their representatives, who is anxious to answer any and all questions.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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(Disclaimer:  I was provided the Younique products to test, but the words are my own)