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Dec 12, 2015

Favorite Christmas Nail Color

There are many shades of red out there, but this OPI COLOR has been my favorite this year! 
I kind of like the name as well...smile!  Do you have a favorite this year...please share your own brand?

And, remember...tomorrow is another collaboration on...

Happy Saturday, all!


  1. OPE RED for Christmas! I love nail polish names!

  2. "Waitress" is my fave, too, Pam! I'm fairly new to your blog and I really enjoy your posts. I'm in Tyler but I have fashionista relatives who regularly shop La Cantera! Blessings this Christmas to you and yours!

  3. I've worn that before, love it! I like OPI dark pine green this time of year or Zoya satin green.

  4. Another vote here for OPI Red: I've worn it for years and love it ! Polished nails make such a difference!

  5. I love red nail polish, just not on me. I've tried, but it always seems too obvious so I go for the softer shades in the orange or coral tones. Maybe it's because my "colors" are autumn?
    My friend whose "colors" are winter wears the darker nail colors beautifully!

  6. I don't often wear dark nails but this is a gorgeous warm red!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  7. OPI has the best nail polish names! I pinned your manicure on my Nails board on Pinterest.

  8. Oh lala! Cheeky name!i like that colour, its a warm chique colour.


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