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Nov 28, 2015

Bobbi Brown Holiday Eyes

This is the Bobbi Brown Greystone Eye Palette only available for a limited time just to get your eyes holiday- ready!  Find the BOBBI BROWN EYE PALETTE HERE!
I have worn these beautiful colors the last two years around party time and I really love them.  Just the right touch of shimmer...not too much and gorgeous color.   

Now to see what clothing JENNIFER and I would wear to a casual holiday party, come back tomorrow for the next edition of ....

We will see you then! (It will look great with the eye shadow!)

Have a wonderful Saturday!

Remember, to support your small local businesses this year!  SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY


  1. Pretty shadows! I need to treat myself to some quality make up! Hope you T Day was fabulous, Pam!

    Dawn Lucy

  2. I love her make-up palettes! xox

  3. I use Bobbi Brown and love a great color palette, although I stay away from that much shimmer. xoxox

  4. I think Bobbi Brown has some of the best makeup as always looks very natural. I was looking at this palette but have been good so far and not purchased!


  5. I had a great lipstick by Bobby Brown and i lost it😡😡😡

  6. Oooh, these are really pretty shades. I'm so bad - I haven't worn eye makeup in practically forever. I need to find something sparkly soon!


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