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Oct 31, 2015

Recommended Reads on an Autumn Day

Happy Saturday, everyone! I am going to make a confession...I hope I do not lose readers over this...but here goes...I am not a fan of Halloween.  I don't mind a fun costume party...but the dark side of Halloween, I loathe.  When my children were small, I would  deal with the consequences once a grocery store clerk or neighbor scared them to death around Halloween.  Then, one year, it was popular to stuff pumpkin garbage bags and decorate yards with them...(never fall for a marketer convincing you that putting garbage bags anywhere but the garbage is a good thing)!  That year, the wind blew one of those bags out of a neighbor's yard while I was driving...it went under my car...got sucked up into the underneath...and destroyed my transmission...over $2000 to fix.
Nope, not a fan...though my grandchildren are really cute in their costumes!

So.... Happy Autumn Saturday!  I wish you joy...not ghosts or goblins!  What I do like is making pumpkin bread this time of year especially with my new BREAD PAN FROM SUR LA TABLE

  And, I wanted to share with you some reads I really enjoyed this past week! Get a cup of coffee and read the links below!

 Hope you like them  and also you will return here Sunday morning for a brand new special event which I am doing with another blogger/friend.  See you then...stay safe today and tonight!
Avoid garbage bag pumpkins wherever you are!

Good reads:

1. Sylvia of 40+ Style interviewed the inspiring Betty Halbreich! See the INTERVIEW HERE.  I reviewed Betty's book MY REVIEW OF BETTY"S BOOK CLICK HERE.  BUY HER BOOK HERE

2. On Vibrant Nation, they are discussing motivation to keep a regular workout going...and I liked what she said about coffee, because I do this and I thought it helped! READ HERE 10 WAYS TO INCREASE YOUR FITNESS INTENSITY

3. Sweet Katherine has one of the best blog hops in town and this week there were so many fun seasonal recipes plus edible cookie dough...gotta love it!  READ THURSDAY'S FAVORITE BLOG HOP HERE.

4. Susan shows us over 50 ladies just the right amount of sparkle to wear for a night out.  You might look at HER BLOG HERE, before your date night this evening.

5. Finally, Jill shows us another great look from the smart Duchess Kate, SEE HER HERE!

Be sure and comment when you stop by the reads...it always encourages the author of the post!  

Oct 30, 2015

Thought for the Day: Ponder for Just Awhile

As I walked out to leave for work one morning this week, a neighbor was walking by with her dog.  We did our usual smiles and nods before I jumped behind the wheel to take off.
But, as I pulled from the driveway, my eyes became transfixed on the rear view mirror and the morning sky! So, I quickly stopped the car and jumped out with my phone to get these shots.  The neighbor had walked to the opposite side of the street by that time, and looked at me puzzled.
I said, "Wow, look at the sky. I just had to stop and take a picture."

She replied, "Oh my, I walked right past it with my head down.  If it had not been for you, I would have missed it."

Thought for the day:  Take time to stop and look at the beauty that surrounds us. It would be sad to miss out!  It is raining all day where I am, but nice to remember the sky from earlier this week. I think more than ever, technology trains us to look down...so ponder awhile and look up!

Have a fun weekend, everyone!  Take some time to admire all going on around you!

Oct 28, 2015

I MATTER: In a Long Cardigan on Long Days

Hope your week has been a good one so far!  Several of you have asked in emails WHAT HAPPENED?? You started I MATTER ...and it hasn't been here for awhile.  You started videos...and they haven't been here!  Well, starting a new business endeavor is what happened!

My days are as bright and sparkly as this necklace, but they are long, long, long with all I have had on my plate since August.

I am learning to tweak and revise as I go along this path to see if I can work for myself on a profitable, continual basis.

I loved it when the weather became cooler this week and I could pull out my new CITY OF LIGHTS CARDIGAN from Soft Surroundings!  I also like the way the necklace gives the top almost a sweetheart neckline appearance.  Also, my grandchildren and daughter lived with us for a little while, but they have returned home now.  So, hopefully, videos will return soon....and, of course, I still am mindful to always remember...

Also, look for me to not only return to the old favorites, but also add something new this weekend!  Thanks to all of you who write!  I so appreciate every email, note, and comment!  You are the best!

Find the CARDIGAN FOR SALE HERE!...and, yes, it is soft!

Have a terrific Thursday!!


San Antonio:  Find this cardigan and other beautiful garments at Soft Surroundings in The Shops of La Cantera...maybe I will see you there!

Sights and Scents of the Holidays...Bring it On!

They’re already wrapping trees with Christmas lights at the mall.  Normally, this would annoy me terribly and I would be one of those voices shouting “Wait until after Halloween, would you?”  But, as I age, the twinkling lights appearing just at dusk are welcomed joy.  The crisp air, the decorations, music, sights and smells add spice to life and break up the hum-drum monotony of our every day.
I even purchased early these little gifts to tell people I care about them around the holidays.  Have you experienced the Nest scents?  Their DIFFUSERS, CANDLES, ROOM SPRAYS are all amazing…and this holiday scent just smells like the season.  My husband loves the Nest diffusers...they last a long time and just continue to give the right amount of scents.  These are also great hostess gifts for holiday parties and meals.

The NEST HOLIDAY VOTIVE is a perfect way to tell your stylist, nail technician, trainer, teacher, etc....you love them! SOFT SURROUNDINGS is a wonderful go-to gift place for gifts to make any woman smile!
Also, holiday movie's on Hallmark start this weekend...and the rain is coming back...and the time is changing...I like it....  

Have a wonderful Wednesday! 

San Antonio, look for these items at Soft Surroundings in The Shops of La Cantera!  Maybe I will see you there!

Oct 27, 2015

When Daughters Make Over Mom....

When daughters decide mom needs a new style, shopping can become even more stressful...I am offering food for thought on this topic today on MIDLIFE BOULEVARD.

Join in with your thoughts in

Have a joyful Tuesday!

Oct 25, 2015

Michael Kors Black Trench...My Silver Lining!

I realize I am a bit of a Pollyanna...but looking for the silver lining in situations keeps a smile on my face! 

 Sure, it has been flooding...but, we need the rain on our drought-stricken yards. 

Sure, it is hard to look good in the rain, but I can wear my new MICHAEL KORS TRENCH I got at Nordstrom this past summer.  It is not traditional camel, but I really like the black and the fit!

Sure, there are puddles everywhere, but I am looking good in these Calvin Klein booties I found this summer at CLOTHES MENTOR, one of our consignment shops...and I practically traded clothes for them.
Sure, I have a ton of work to do this week. but I just heard GILMORE GIIRLS is returning with sequels on NETFLIX!  See there is always a rainbow somewhere!!

Hope you have a great week and stay warm and dry!
Now, do you prefer your trench in camel or black...or even another color?

See Michael Kors Trench coats HERE


Now, it is time for
Deb at the Nononsense Beauty Blog hosts some great reading HERE

Enjoy the beginning to your week!

On A Day Like This Just Go To Bed!

You may have seen Texas on the news this weekend...three major storm systems including remnants of a Category 5 hurricane in Mexico decided to converge over our state.
Now, it is hard to complain.  We have been in a drought and this rain is needed.
And I do not have a problem with authorities recommending not to go out and to stay home....
I have a brand new king size bed, and new sheets from PERFECT LINENS....so....
It's a perfect day for reading, candles, and soft, soft sheets!  Hmmm...why get up at all?  You have to love sheets called Baby's Bottom...and I do love this taupe color!  
Sounds good...doesn't it.  It was!  So, if you would like to join in this winter...you can get $35 off any of the sheets offered by Perfect Linens.  Just SHOP HERE, with the code SweetDreams35.  And remember....

Have a cozy Sunday!

Disclaimer:  I was provided product for purposes of this review, but the words are my own.

Oct 24, 2015

Thought for the Day for Looking Younger

Happy weekend, everyone!  The fabulous Janice Riggs of THE VIVIENNE FILES reminds all of us...

"A beautiful smile is worth a thousand skin creams! Whiten your teeth if necessary - over the counter whiteners give great results!"

Thanks for the reminder, Janice. If you want specific, fun ideas for your wardrobe...check out Janice HERE

  Keep smiling, ladies!  

Oct 23, 2015

H & M Opens at North Star Mall: Press Preview

H & M opened a new location yesterday at NORTH STAR MALL in San Antonio...one of our top malls!  There was quite a crowd waiting for hours to see the new store.

But, lucky me...I got to go in early for the press preview.  This store is one of the premiere locations with a full beauty department and MEN'S department...I plan to take my son shopping! 

San Antonio's top bloggers loved the beauty department and lingered there for a long time.
I was taken with the accessories.  Lots of fun choices for fall and winter....beautiful warm colors.
I know several mid-life ladies who pick up fun, trendy pieces at H & M when they want something stylish and affordable.
There are plenty of grand opening specials.  It was fun, and I can tell that San Antonio loves H & M!

Thanks for the preview, I will return!

And, San Antonio, sounds like it will be the perfect weekend to shop at the top indoor mall!

Happy Friday, everyone!

Oct 21, 2015

Eileen Fisher: My Little Red Poncho

Sometimes just the right accessory can put a smile on my face all day!  That is what this EILEEN FISHER WOOL MESH PONCHO found at Dillards does for me!
I wore this to a luncheon for SA READS...a successful reading program done for underprivileged children in our city.
Just feeling joyful about autumn...the networking I am able to do now with a new career...and, of course, THIS RED PONCHO!  Here are some of my favorite Eileen Fisher pieces currently at Dillards!

What is putting a smile on your face today?  Hope you are having a wonderful time!

Happy Thursday!