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Sep 15, 2015

Style Forever: Finally in America

It's here!  Alyson Walsh's new book, STYLE FOREVER, has some great observations in it that only a seasoned fashion journalist from the UK can make.  Join me today on MIDLIFE BOULEVARD for a taste of her reporting...just for us...midlife and beyond.

I will see you in....

Author, Alyson Walsh, just tweeted that she is in the States as well! Welcome Alyson...excited to have you and the book here!
Then, have a Tuesday full of smiles!


  1. Hi Pam...it's a fabulous book isn't it...great advice, here.
    My blog url has changed it is now http://catherinerobinsoncashmere.com/blog/
    would you be kind enough to change it on your blog roll, please?
    Thank you so much, Pam. xx

  2. Thanks for your continued support Pam! It's very much appreciated. I'm so sorry that I haven't been checking in with your blog lately, and I hope you're well. I've been so busy with the book launch & everything I simply haven't had the time. I keep thinking things will calm down...


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