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Sep 26, 2015

Is Your Car Full of Joy Today or Just Gas?

They are on their way to a party somewhere!  Made me smile as I traveled behind this car full of joy.  How about you...is your car full of joy today.  Are you looking and feeling your best?
I am headed out to run errands in this SOFT SURROUNDINGS LEOPARD KNIT TUNIC and leggings!  My daughter and I are going to try to take in a movie today.  If the nursing baby will allow it.

I love the details on these LEGGINGS...cute and comfy!  A good look for being out and about!

I will have another autumn SOFT SURROUNDINGS look for you on Monday...next week promises to have some interesting posts for your enjoyment.

Right down to those special details....

If you want to locate beautiful, fun fall decorating ideas, take that joyful car by your local PIER 1...I love their displays!

Happy First Saturday in Autumn!


  1. It's Saturday morning and I'm enjoying some coffee and reading my fav blogs ... so yes, a car (or couch right now) full of joy today! Love the cute buttons on those fab leggings. Super chic look head to toe, Pam. I love decorating for fall & Halloween. I wish we'd get a bit cooler weather. It's hard to feel fall-ish with 90 degree sunny days!
    Dawn Lucy

  2. Now that I have seen the close up of the buttons on legging, I MUST have them, wish there was a store close by, and I love they are brown, much harder to find than black, and more of the colors I wear go with brown. I LOVE being an AUTUMN :)

  3. Love those leggings!!! Pier one does do the hoilday decor proud. Its so fun to get ideas form them. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. you look absolutely fabulous Pam! love the detailing of the leggings, unique. as for Pier1 i can spend hours there browsing! maybe i should apply for seasonal position - i just retired from my engr mgr job in hi-tech firm -- still adjusting to being "retired"; figuring out what my next adventure will be.

  5. Happy Sunday morning Pam! I too love to browse through Pier 1's displays - you gave me an idea for later today : >

  6. That's a great look for you, Pam! I love the leggings.

    Elaine @ Following Augustine


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