over50feeling40: Elaine Turner and MDC Beauty in Alamo Heights Combine for Fall Event Plus Skincare Tips!
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Sep 16, 2015

Elaine Turner and MDC Beauty in Alamo Heights Combine for Fall Event Plus Skincare Tips!

Yes, it is time to transition our home decor...our wardrobes...and, also our skincare!

I am joined today by guest writer and, my personal favorite esthetician, Monica Casell of MDC BEAUTY STUDIO with some tips for our skincare now!

With Monica Casell

Fall is a great time to start to prepare our skin for the change of season. It’s time to repair and renew the skin from the harsh summer heat, and begin the process to beautify and hydrate for the winter.
The look on the runway this season is all about glowing and natural dewy skin. To achieve this look we want to start with exfoliating and masking twice a week using gentle exfolliator followed by a delicious hydrating mask. This mask should focus on hydration which is adding water to the skin. The skin is the largest organ on the body, but the only organ that is both internal and external; therefore, it needs moisture on the outside as well as taking care of it on the inside by drinking lots of water and living healthy. Always follow up any mask with your regular day or night treatment of a skin specific face serum and moisturizer. This protocol can be done for the face and the body.
The moisturizer that we used during the summer will not be moisturizing enough come the colder months of winter, so let’s change it up a bit and go richer in texture and bring out your anti-aging treatments. The cold weather is a great time to focus on turning back the clock.
As always, please see your local esthetician on a regular basis to look your healthy best.
Great news San Antonio, you can see MONICA and get some fall makeup tips at the Fall Event at ELAINE TURNER Thursday the 17th!.  Beautiful shoes, bags, clothes...and, of course, Monica will help you be a beautiful you at the ELAINE TURNER FALL EVENT.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Pam this is such a good reminder for us all to start hydrating more if we haven't already started. I can tell the difference as soon as the weather turns!!

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  2. How funny, I bought a hydrating mask yesterday...I think they really help the skin plus rich moisturiser and face oil too...every added extra helps :)
    Thank you for the advice and a very happy Wednesday to you or should I say Thursday!

  3. I've just added some extra hydration to my routine. Even here in warm CA my face is drying out!!


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