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Sep 24, 2015

Eileen Fisher: Networking Confidence & A Free EBook!

In the last year, I have invested more in my wardrobe than ever before.  I knew I wanted to portray confidence, strength, and creativity with my clothing.  I also knew networking was going to increase as I branched out in marketing, public relations, and writing.
Since I left the high school hallways, I find myself more often wearing EILEEN FISHER for work than any other brand.  I go to my local DILLARDS and try these pieces on.  I have developed a fun relationship with my sales associate as we play with the collections. But, I will also say that Eileen Fisher is often ON SALE at Dillards.  I have more sale pieces than full price.

The jacket and pants here are Eileen Fisher and I love this red color for fall!  I was headed out to a luncheon, (more about the speaker later...pretty amazing products on the horizon!)...and I felt very confident dressed like this.
In the last month, I have been to more luncheons, events and meetings than I have since my 20s when I first entered the professional world.  It really is so much fun...because I am doing what I love.

This was the first quote during the presentation that day and I wanted to shout a resounding YES!  How, can I return to my professional career at 62?  Because it isn't really work...it brings joy and enthusiasm and smiles for the day!
I worked hard to get my wardrobe ready for this moment and it is paying off.  I did this because #I MATTER.

Check out Eileen Fisher for fall at Dillards!

The shoes are ANTONIO MELANI AT DILLARDS (few years ago) and the purse is from THE ANT HILL BOUTIQUE, on Stone Oak in San Antonio and operated by Project Runway Star, Anthony Ryan Auld.

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Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. i've been putting my wardrobe dollars into Eileen Fisher for the past few years. Her clothes give me confidence that I look well tailored and age-appropriate (without looking dowdy). It is a relief tho that both the Eileen Fisher store and Bloomingdale's put a nice chunk of pieces on sale every season.

  2. The warm red is lovely on you. I prefer a bluer toned red which I am on the lookout for.

  3. Pam, I love how you have stepped up your wardrobe and have become more confident in your style - it really shows in your pictures.

  4. That's a lovely look, Pam - very polished. You're looking wonderful. xox

  5. You look fab! Eileen Fisher makes up alarms portion of my core wardrobe. Congratulations on the ebook!!

  6. You look like a confident woman who is ready to conquer the world!

  7. Gorgeous color on you, Pam! It says "strong and confident." I'm a huge fan of Eileen Fisher, and find the pieces wearable, stylish and comfortable.


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