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Sep 27, 2015

Color of the Year for Midlife Women

I am honored to co-host with CHERIE OF STYLE NUDGE today for the Shoe and Tell Link Up Event!  Always a pleasure to meet up with stylish ladies of all ages.  Just hop on with us below!
I am in love with this cool-weather ready TEXTURED PONCHO sent to me from Foxcroft.  I have worn and supported Foxcroft for five years and they always bring quality, beautiful garments...often found in our finest stores.  The poncho is the pantone color of the year...Marsala. 

You look good coming and going with this great button design in the back.  I also love the pockets in the front.

Yes, it is still warm here...but, as soon as those cool weather breezes blow, I will be stepping out in this.  I love it.

Make sure you check out the FOXCROFT FALL COLLECTION...they produce garments which can be trusted.

Oh yes, it is all about the shoes and these suede booties from my wardrobe closet last year are great for celebrating the Shoe and Tell Link Up!

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  1. I love that poncho!! I've been eyeing that color for fall and think I need to add a small bit! It's such a rich color!

  2. Beautiful poncho Pam! Love the color and fun detail on the back, definitely going to check this company out.

  3. I thought of you this weekend as I got dressed to attend the conference and sit on a panel. I have learned a lot from your blog!!

  4. What great suede booties, I am in love with suede this fall. Thank you so much for co-hosting Style Nudge's SHOE AND TELL Fashion Link Up Pam. So happy to have you co-hosting!


  5. What a fab poncho, Pam! I've got to check out Foxcroft. Love the cool buttons in the back. It's still hot here too. Can't wait for it to be cool enough for a cozy sweater!

    Dawn Lucy

  6. Great Fall look, Pam! Suede always looks so inviting. xox

  7. The poncho looks cozy and I love the suede booties. I am always afraid of suede here in the rainy winters of the Pacific NW.

  8. That's a great poncho. I love the color, too.

    But my first act upon laying my hands on it would be to replace those buttons with some that are more interesting or nicer-looking. They look like shiny white buttons, which don't say autumn to me.

    Well, that would be my first act if I were the kind of person who followed through on such plans. I'd probably just wear it as-is and wish I had done so. ;-)

  9. Great color on you, Pam! I can see why you love that poncho :-)


  10. Pam I'm in love with this sweater. How cute!


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