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Aug 26, 2015

Reef Footwear...Not Just for Surfers Any More

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After a summer working retail, I have a new appreciation of comfortable shoes.  Standing 5-6 hours creates a need like no other!  This is why I really like what the owners of Reef shoes are doing.  Reef has been around for the past thirty years and is mostly associated with comfort sandals.  However, they have expanded that vision to now include comfort shoes.

The creators are Fernando and Santiago Aguerre from South America.  For many years, they were associated with the beach and surfing culture of Southern California.  Now, they love to be connected with global travelers who like casual, comfort footwear.  They utilize eco-based materials to produce high quality shoes.

But don’t let this laid back, beach, surfer image turn you away for looking closely at Reef shoes.  Comfort and creative styling know no age limits.  I know many of you are travelers and perhaps should consider the Reef options with technology designed to give the wearer comfort, traction, and support.  They look great with denim, and are an excellent choice for cooler weather this year.

Around my house, we take our feet seriously.  My husband is a full time employee and part time MBA student.  At the end of a long day, he picks up a back pack and heads off to a large college campus. My youngest son has been all over that campus all day, as well as hitting the field as an assistant middle school football coach.  Reef offers both of them shoe options to fit the multiple lives they are leading.

I also think Reef is a great answer to children’s footwear.  Quality shoes are important for developing, active feet.  I think of all my grandchildren do in a day and how important it is that they wear a well-constructed shoe.

If you have not looked at Reef footwear before now, take some time to give it a look and research the options.  They have earned the right to be considered in the comfortable footwear category.  Not your fancy heels, but they deliver happy feet. 

Disclaimer:  I was compensated for this post, but the words are my own.

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  1. These look like just what my tired, sore feet need!! I'm always on the hunt for comfortable shoes! Thanks!


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