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Jul 1, 2015

Nasty Dressing Room Talk...and the Thursday Blog Hop!

I use to partake in it….even knowing I shouldn’t, it was so easy to fall into the behavior.  I did not understand the damage and the power it could hold over me.  But, now on the other side of changing, I am super sensitive when women make the decision to do it.
I am taking about negative self- talk…putting ourselves down and becoming our own worst enemy.  Since joining the world of retail sales associates, I am stunned at how many women talk negatively about themselves in the dressing rooms, in front of the three way mirrors, and out loud where everyone can hear.

Words are so powerful and can lead any of us down a path to depression.  Even if a woman is unfortunate to live around people who constantly criticize her, the way to change is to begin to see the positives all of us possess. Confidence can shut up many bullies, or take away their power over us.   
It begins with little, baby steps.  So before you shop….

1.       Look in the mirror and name three positives you see.  Beautiful eyes, sunny smile, thick hair…whatever they are…speak the affirmations out loud.
2.       Understand all garments are designed and sized differently.  If a garment does not look good on you, it is not any failure on your part, it is just the construction of the garment.
3.       Go out knowing your best colors, and the needs in your wardrobe.
4.       Seek help from a sales associate.  They know best what is in the store.  A good sales associate can show you how to enhance the positives, and down play the problem areas.
5.       Have the courage to step outside of the dressing room and look in the three way mirror.  You want to look your best going and coming. 

Then, when you get home, look in the mirror once again and complement yourself on a job well done. The minute you begin to put you down, STOP…. and remember I MATTER!

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  1. What an enlightening topic Pam! I have done this. In fact, I have done this recently when shopping with my sister and thought I was just being honest about what I was seeing. Went something like, "Whoa!! Look at my stomach in this skirt! Holy cow!!" And in contrast, a few doors down a very much plus size gal was trying things on and looking in the 3-way. She said to her friend, "I love this! Look how it makes me look thinner!" I wish I had realized the impact of my own words, to myself, on my self-esteem. The rest of the day I was focused on how things looked in relation to my stomach, when in fact I had picked up a skirt that was one size too small without realizing it! I am going to be more mindful of what you have said here and do the positive self-talk when I'm getting ready in the morning. Unfortunately, I do experience some criticism from someone close to me and know that it is unjustified, so I need to be my own best friend! Thanks for this post. It really convicted me of less than helpful behavior!!

  2. Excellent post Pam! Women are so self critical, especially in dressing rooms. Our nagging, negative self-talk, only serves to hurt ourselves!! It's so prevalent too. Great advice my friend. Have a great day.

  3. Pam thank you once more sooooo much. Will Keep that in mind, that its not me but the garment thats wrong :) Really needed that <3 Have a great day!!! Keep up the good work....Sabina | Oceanblue Style

  4. I've been that sales associate and have been also appalled at the horrible things women say about themselves. I dedicated myself to making women feel better about their bodies and being kinder to themselves. Good for you for passing this message on, Pam!

  5. Pam thank you for your inspiration and affirming ways to believe in ourselves!!
    Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend!

    The Arts by Karena
    Gallery Opening!

  6. This is something I struggle with every day. I am trying to change it but sometimes it's hard to change a lifetime of habits. Love this post Pam you do so much for so many!

  7. Thanks for hosting another awesome party! I'm excited to link up and party with you. Hope to see you at the Home Matters Linky party on Friday! :)

    Life With Lorelai

  8. This is such an inspiring post Pam. Every woman I know does this, including myself. It's time to lift ourselves up, not tear ourselves down. Sharing...

  9. I loved this and needed to hear it. Thank you!

  10. This is so important!! We have to stop fighting with ourselves and putting ourselves down too!! We do matter and once we realise that, we won't accept anything less!! It's a long road for some and we really have to put the work into it, but it feels great when we finally accept it!! This was really a super post, I loved it!! Happy Friday xx

  11. How very, very true! And how sadly we forget, thank you for reminding us.

  12. Thank you for these WONDERFUL words of wisdom! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  13. What a great topic! Thank you for sharing such wise advice. I've never enjoyed my dressing room experiences ...so i prefer to get in and out quickly. But I do know what you mean about the negative self talk. And I loved your suggestions.


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